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May 28, 2013

How To Market A Hair Salon


Whether you are new to the beauty industry, or old hat, you may be wondering how to market a hair salon.  When building your own business, marketing is very important.  The goals for marketing your hair salon are to get the word out that you exist and gain a client base.  Meeting these marketing goals is very important to the success of any business, especially those in the beauty industry.

Finding Options On How To Market A Hair Salon

The face of marketing has changed over the last decade with the introduction of new technologies and the generations being marketed too.  Gone are the days of placing your business in a yellow pages ad and waiting for potential customers to call.  In order to be successful in the beauty industry now, you must be familiar with the new ways to market.

How to Market a Hair Salon Through Social Media

In order to succeed in almost any market these days, a business must be savvy with blogging and social media.  The beauty industry is no different.  Spreading the word that your hair salon exists and can provide services that people need is easier to do when you join social media sites and use a blog.  Using these sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can create a page or a feed that is specific to your business.

Getting friends and current and potential customers to follow your page or like your page will help spread the word about your business.  You can also advertise specials, rates, and hours on these sites to make it easier to disseminate your daily business information.

Blogging as a Marketing Tool

Blogging can also help you to reach your current customers and your potential client base.  You can blog about various beauty information in the news, give beauty and hair tips, or come up with your own ideas to blog about.  If done correctly, your blog will also show up in search engines, which will help create potential clients for your beauty business.

How to Market a Hair Salon By Hosting a Public Event

Getting out in the public is key in letting people know about your hair salon.  Many cities and communities hold public events where local shops and vendors can offer drawings and services, as well as get in on some free advertising.  Farmer’s markets, consignment sales, art festivals, craft fairs, and county fairs are good places to start being present at.  Offer a raffle for a free service or a percentage off of a service.

You could also offer free bang trims or mini manicures at the event itself.  Have business cards, photos of your work and even candy ready to hand out.  Have a printout, or even handouts of your hair salon menu and prices.  You will get a lot of public exposure at such events.  Be sure to try to obtain names and contact information for those who stop by with interest.

Using Email and Texts for Hair Salon Marketing

In keeping up with the times, using SMS and email to keep in contact with your clients and potential customers will help your marketing efforts.  You can email weekly or monthly newsletters and coupons.  You can also send out texts with daily deals, or any other information you would like to quickly pass on to your potential customer base.  If you have gathered names and contact information at a public event, you can use that list to send out your emails and text messages.

Avalon School of Cosmetology

For the best cosmetology training available, come to the Avalon School of Cosmetology.  At Avalon School of Cosmetology we train our students to work in various settings in the field of cosmetology.  From chain or independently owned spas and salons, to being able to build and create their own business, we produce well-rounded cosmetologist who can go as far as their ambitions take them.  A large portion of our training thoroughly covers how to start and successfully run an independent beauty establishment.  This includes the financial, marketing, and customer service aspects of running your own beauty business.

Upon graduation, our students are prepared to demonstrate their beauty and business skills and to work in a variety of different settings.  Marketing your hair salon will be easier when you get your training from Avalon School Cosmetology.

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