May 7, 2013

How to Put Together an Entry Level Esthetician Resume

People who take pride in helping someone improve their appearance should consider pursuing a career as an esthetician.  While becoming an esthetician could be a great career, it will first require someone to complete a degree program before working.  Once they have graduated, they can put together an entry level esthetician resume and start job hunting.

How to Prepare an Entry Level Esthetician Resume

Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to put together a resume for an esthetician job until they have more experience.  For those that are looking to put together an entry level resume, there are several items that they should be sure to include on their resume to make them appear more experienced and prepared for their first job.

Education and Licensing

The first item that should be included on any entry level esthetician resume is the applicant’s education and licensing that they have obtained.  Be sure to include where you went to school, how long you were in school, what degree you obtained, any specialties that you focused on, and your grade point average if it is strong and competitive.  Beyond obtaining your degree, you may also want to highlight any licenses that you have.  Depending on the state that you plan on working in, this may be a requirement in order to even work and already being licensed would increase your chances of getting the job.

Work Experience

Another item that you should include on your resume would be your work experience.  While most entry level employees probably don’t have too much direct experience, anything that is relevant to the field would be a benefit.  For example, if you interned at a salon during the summers or provided free services to clients while you were still in school, it would help you stand out compared to other applicants.  If you don’t have any relevant experience, be sure to still include some of the most recent work experience that you have.

Career Objectives

For employers that are looking to bring on new estheticians to their salon or practice, knowing what the applicant’s long-term goals are is very important.  Because of this, all applicants should include a clear objective of their short and long-term professional plans.  This should include goals for obtaining experience, developing client relationships, and eventually starting their own salon if that is their goal.


The fourth item that should be included on any entry level resume for an esthetician job are references.  Since you may not have much experience and have very similar education to other applicants, a good set of references could definitely set you apart from the other applicants.  The best sources for references would be other employers that you’ve had or instructors that you worked with while in school.

If you would like to become an esthetician, we at Avalon School of cosmetology can help you. Our esthetician program equips our students with the skills required not only to get a job but also start and run their own beauty salon. Our well trained staff can also help you put together an entry level esthetician resume.

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