May 4, 2013

How to Renew a Cosmetology License in Arizona

If you work in the cosmetology or beauty industry in the state of Arizona, you should have a cosmetology license in Arizona.  More and more professionals are required to be licensed in their state as each year passes.  Cosmetology is just on profession that is required to have a license in order to work in the state of Arizona.  Having a current license shows that you are competent to work as a cosmetologist and that you keep up to date on the standards set by the state for the profession.  Many people looking for the services of a cosmetologist will choose a licensed one over an unlicensed one.  Once you have obtained a cosmetology license it is important to note that it will need to be renewed.

Renewing Your Cosmetology License in Arizona

Although it can be a hassle to keep you license current, it is a very vital part of your career.  If your license is in good standing, it only takes a few minutes and a small fee in order to complete your renewal.  Here are the important points to note regarding the renewal of an Arizona cosmetology license:

  • You must renew your cosmetology license each year before your birthday with the state board of cosmetology.
  • No reminder cards are mailed out, you must remember to do this yourself
  • The cost is approximately $30 for a one year renewal
  • If you are renewing your license after your annual deadline, the fee goes up to $50
  • No continuing education credits are required to renew your license, however, they are strongly recommended

How to Renew Your Arizona Cosmetology License

The quickest and easiest way to renew your cosmetology license is to renew online.  However, if you are going to renew online, you must do it 60 days prior to your required renewal date.  You can mail your license renewal application and fee as long as it is postmarked by your renewal date.  The form can be obtained online at the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology website at www.azboc.gov and printed from your home or work computer.  The form is simple and quick to fill out.  You can also bring your renewal form and payment to the Board’s physical location in Tempe, AZ   on or before the date of your required license renewal.

Other Cosmetology License Information

If you need to change your name or address on your Arizona cosmetology license, contact the state board.  You can also contact them if you are moving in or out of state and need to obtain a license by reciprocity or need information on how to obtain your license for the first time.  They are also the best resource for updated laws and regulations regarding the practice of cosmetology in Arizona.  The State Board of Cosmetology in Arizona also covers nail technology and aesthetics licensure.  In order to get a cosmetology license you must have a 10th grade education or the equivalent.

Avalon Institute

Avalon Institute is a full service cosmetology school with two locations in Arizona and one in Utah.  If you would like to start a career in the field of cosmetology or need a refresher after not working for a while, contact us.  Our curriculum is built for hands-on learning and to get students working as soon as possible after graduation.  We offer a full service salon for students to get plenty of real world practice while in our program.  We also help our students obtain their Arizona cosmetology license.  Our graduates are highly successful in becoming licensed and starting their career with an exciting job.

To remain in good standing with your state, your clientele and future potential clientele, it is very important to keep your Arizona cosmetology license up to date and in good standing.  Having a current license shows that you take your career seriously.  Your employer, past and future customers, as well as the general public are able to check online to make sure you are licensed and that you are not under any disciplinary action by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology.  Keeping your cosmetology license in Arizona current will help ensure that you can continue to work in this exciting career.

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