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May 12, 2013

Types of Cosmetologists That Are Highly Paid

There are many types of cosmetologists. They include hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, barbers and shampoo technicians. Regardless of the specialty, majority of cosmetology school graduates get to work in salons and spas. Those might not seem like lucrative jobs, but in actual fact there are people who have succeeded in this profession.

Types of Cosmetologists That Earn a Fortune

All it takes is a little patience and zeal to become a top earning cosmetologist. Education and location also play a huge role in ensuring your success. Most of the highly paid cosmetologists diverged into other markets such as television networks and private companies. There are many more industries you can work in and still achieve success. Some of them are discusses here.

Celebrity Hairstylists

Celebrity stylists normally earn more than salon-based stylists. The same applies to cosmetologists who work in the entertainment industry. Those are some profitable markets you can exploit while you are still new in the field.

Private Salon Owners

With time, a cosmetologist gains experience as well as clients. This makes it possible to start a privately owned salon. Such a venture requires some capital and good marketing skills. Though, it is very profitable and worthwhile.

High-end Salon Employees

Another alternative would be to work at high-end salons. Stylists who excel in school are normally assured of jobs in reputable salons and spas. Those are top paying jobs that enable one to succeed in their profession.

However, becoming a highly paid cosmetologist is not only about the money. The location also matters. There are some parts of the country that pay higher wages for cosmetologists than others.

Locations That Offer Lucrative Pay

Research shows that the highest paying areas are in the District of Columbia. According to Allsalarydata.com, the wages in the top 5 states that offer the best salaries lie within the same range. The only exception is Hawaii. There, the average hourly wage is $20, which is slightly higher compared to Vermont where cosmetologists are paid $14.83 an hour.

In Washington, the hourly wage is $15.84, which is not as high as in Hawaii. The other states that offer good wages are New Jersey and Massachusetts. Their rates lie between $15 and $16 an hour.

Cosmetology School

Basically, regardless of your location, success as a cosmetologist is determined by the kind of training you get. That is why, here at Avalon school of cosmetology, we strive to provide relevant training that fosters success in the industry. With the right teaching programs and adequate facilities, we are able to mold our students into the types of cosmetologists that will flourish in the beauty industry.

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