June 3, 2013

Why Become a Cosmetology Apprenticeship?

A cosmetology apprenticeship can bring you one step closer to your dream career in the beauty and personal care industry. As a cosmetology professional, you are expected to learn all the skills necessary to make you a competitive stylist, makeup artist or esthetician. And, although the skills that one has acquired in an accredited beauty college is often sufficient, the added exposure granted through apprenticeship can prove invaluable.

The Benefits of a Cosmetology Apprenticeship

After completing your course, you still may not have sufficient hands-on experience in your field to get you a job in a salon or start your own business. By completing an apprenticeship, you will be able to apply what you learned in school. Here are some of its most important benefits:

Hand-On Training Through a Cosmetology Apprenticeship

A classroom-based training in cosmetology will teach you the theory behind the art and science of beauty and personal care. You could learn all you need to learn but to become a skilled professional, you have to be able to practice what you know. As an apprentice, you will be working under the supervision and mentorship of a more experienced cosmetologist who will be able provide you with valuable advice and guidance. By watching a professional work in a real world setting, you will be able to learn not just techniques and methods but also much-needed tricks of the trade.

An experienced stylist, for example, can teach you how to manage your time, juggle different tasks effectively and manage cost. Of course, you will start at the bottom rung of the cosmetology ladder, usually observing, watching, helping and running errands for your mentor and generally making yourself useful by helping keep the salon or spa clean and tidy. You will also be exposed to different types of tools and equipment during your apprenticeship and learn the different uses of each.

Interact With Real Clients

Another wonderful benefit of an apprenticeship is that it provides an opportunity for you to interact with real clients and not just models or classmates. People who walk through the door have real needs and preferences. Each one has individual tastes and require specific styles and techniques in order to look their best.

Being able to talk and work with clients is a very rewarding experience for apprentice cosmetologists because they offer an excellent perspective that is not always explored in the classroom. Apprentices also learn how to provide topnotch customer service, build their business and use different types of marketing techniques in order to promote their services and in the future, build their brand.

Earn An Income

It’s likely that you will be earning your very first income from your new skills through a cosmetology apprenticeship. Most apprenticeships are paid gigs, so you are not only exposed to a real workplace, you also get paid for your efforts. How much? Usually, apprentices are paid minimum wage plus tips. The stylist or makeup artist who supervises your cosmetology apprenticeship will give you a share of the tips and you can also earn through tips from clients who use your services.

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