June 7, 2013

Must Have Beauty Salon Equipment


In order to start a new salon, business owners must have the right beauty salon equipment.  Without it, the business will not be able to run smoothly.  Hair salons will not need all of the equipment that is used at spas and vice versa.

Beauty Salon Equipment:  Setting Up a Reception Area

Both spas and salons will need to have a reception area.  This area will be used to greet customers, do administration work and answer phone calls.  Customers will also sit in reception while they wait for their appointment.

Listed below are some must have items for reception.

  • A reception desk.
  • Chairs and/or sofas.
  • A table for magazines.
  • Water dispenser.
  • A shelf to stack products consumers may want to buy.
  • Some salons like to have coffee machines so that they can serve their customers fresh coffee.
  • Those who give their clients cold drinks may want to get a fridge.

What Beauty Salon Equipment is Needed to Set Up Workstations?

Both hair salons and spas will have to set up a area where they can perform treatments.  Spas generally only need a couple of tables.  Clients can lie down on a massage table while their treatment is being performed.  Another table can be used to store supplies.  If the spa offers manicures and pedicures they should buy chairs and foot spas.  Spas that provide specialist services like saunas and laser treatment will have to purchase the relevant machines.

Listed below are some pieces of equipments that hairdressers need to do their job.

  • Adjustable chairs for clients to sit on.
  • Sinks to wash their clients hair.
  • Work stations with a bench for magazines, products and tools.

Both spas and hair salons will benefit from having lots of mirrors on the walls.  This allows customers to see the results of their treatment and/or haircut.  Equipment trolleys are also useful for storing tools.

Most salon equipment can be purchased for a reasonable price online.  Those who are on a budget can opt to buy second-hand equipment.  If the equipment is in good condition and works well, it is generally as good as brand new equipment.  Those who want to shop online should take care when selecting an online store.  Sometimes the equipment sold at these stores are not of a high quality.

Avalon Is a Great Resource

If you are considering opening a salon, you should think about getting some beauty training.  Having knowledge about the beauty industry will be a great asset when you are running your business.  If you have any questions about beauty school, please do not hesitate to contact us at Avalon School of Cosmetology.  Our staff will be able to advise you on which course is most suitable for your needs.

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