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June 4, 2013

Does A Beauty School Have To Be Accredited?

Does a beauty school have to be accredited? Well, that is a question that goes through every aspiring cosmetologist’s mind, before enrolling in a beauty institution. The beauty and cosmetics industry is very competitive and dynamic. Numerous schools are started each year, but only a few manage to pass the bar. An institution has to undergo strict scrutiny before being accredited. Here is a quick look on what accreditation entails.

What Makes An Accredited Cosmetology School

Institutions must meet certain standards in order to be allowed to operate in the country. No beauty school is allowed to run without a license. This is regarded as a felony and is highly punishable by law. Therefore, before a cosmetology school starts to operate, the following things must be done.

Applying For A License

Acquiring a license to operate is important. The owner of the institution should send an application to the accreditation body, which varies from one state to the next. To become licensed, the owner must be a certified cosmetology instructor. In some states, however, that requirement can be overlooked, if the employed staff members that are certified instructors.

Building Inspection

The building that houses the institution is also inspected. In some states, a fee may be paid to the inspector. He or she examines the building to ensure that it has the right layout for a cosmetology school and is up to code. All required permits are submitted to the inspector for verification.

Equipment and Curriculum

Since cosmetology is a hands-on field, it requires both theoretical and practical training. Before a beauty school is accredited, it must have the right equipment and a standard curriculum. Some of the equipment required include dryers, rollers, towels, mannequins, waxing implements and manicure and pedicure stations among many others. The curriculum must be up to date and the cost of each course determined.

Acquiring Accreditation

After meeting all those requirements, the institution is now ready for certification. This is done by the Regional Education Accrediting Commission. Once accredited, the cosmetology school is now considered a legitimate organization. This popularizes the institution among clients, employers and other cosmetology firms.

Benefits of Enrolling in an Accredited Beauty School

There are numerous benefits of enrolling in an accredited school. For one, you are able to access the latest equipment and learn cutting-edge techniques used in the industry. Moreover, you improve your chances of being employed by some of the leading firms in the country, since they only recognize students from certified institutions.

How to Join an Accredited Beauty School

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