June 8, 2013

Enrolling in an Instructor Training Program

The right instructor training program can lead to a lifelong career as a leader. Working as an instructor can be both rewarding and profitable. The right training program can prepare you for a career as a professional trainer, presenter or instructor.

What is an Instructor Training Program?

In short, instructor training programs give you the skills needed to lead groups toward professional competencies. Trainers and instructors may work on-site in corporate offices, training their students in workplace procedures. Trainers may also focus on instructing retail workers on sales techniques and company best practices.

What You Will Learn

While there are variations between programs, most training programs offer the same basic competencies. Coursework may include modules in:

  • Planning, writing and developing training objectives
  • How to write a lesson plan
  • Developing training aids and visual collateral
  • Presentation skills and verbal delivery
  • Evaluating and testing trainees
  • Working with specialty groups

Getting Started in Employee Training

The first step in becoming a professional trainer and coach is to take an instructor training course of study. After completing these courses, you will be equipped to lead both small and large groups and deliver lessons that will help them to advance professionally.

Essential Skills and Knowledge

One of the most essential skills you will need to become an effective trainer is to learn the differing learning styles that make knowledge retention possible. Visual learners benefit most from visual aids like slides, photos and videos. Other learners retain information by acting out a scenario or working on a hands-on project. Still others learn best through reading written material and writing reports. The key to being an effective trainer is to learn your student’s style and incorporate it into your lessons.

There are many great opportunities for effective trainers. Whether you are teaching a group of students to use a new product or training a staff of administrative assistants on new office procedures, the right trainer makes all the difference. Enrolling in a program that will help you to deliver the most dynamic content is the first step into breaking into this career.

Let Avalon Help Through Our Instructor Training Program

With many companies expanding and hiring new staff, there has never been a greater need for quality instructors and trainers. Having the skills that companies need will make you stand out in your field. Avalon School of Cosmetology has one of the best instructor training program in Utah. Let us get you started towards your training certification today.

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