June 26, 2013

Hair Salon Etiquette

Many forget that it is important to follow hair salon etiquette rules. But rules are made to be obeyed and anyone who follows these tips will get good service. The stylist is going to be following your instructions. Therefore it is up to you to give the hairdresser some clear guidelines.

A Look at Hair Salon Etiquette

A lot of us turn up at the hairdressing salon without having a clear plan of action. Maybe you have admired some one’s hairstyle in a magazine picture. Has one of your favorite celebrities just had a haircut that has blown you away? If that is the case then take a picture along to show to the stylist.

Do Stylists Prefer Clients With Etiquette?

Yes. Your hair appointment may last a couple of hours or more. In the meantime you are at the mercy of the stylist. So, you have to aim to find some common ground for the duration of the hair appointment. Make a good attempt to form a bond with your stylist and he/she will try harder to create the hairdo that you crave.

The Basics of Hair Salon Etiquette

Arrive at the salon in plenty of time. Hair stylists are busy people and they cannot afford to wait for late clients. The stylist stands over you as they work so cancel your appointment if you are ill. Those who have young children should try to get a sitter. Kids and hair salons are not a good combination. You may not be feeling particularly talkative but try and engage in some small talk. In general we tend to chat about simple things such as holiday destinations and favorite television programs. Talking can make the time fly by.

Maybe you have saved a picture of your favorite style on your phone. Show the image to the stylist and switch the cell phone off. You may be thinking about work but don’t try and work on a laptop or a tablet whilst you have your hair styled. Do this and you will never form a bond with your hairdresser.

(The Million Dollar Question)  Who To Tip and How Much?

When you visit the salon you will come into contact with more than one person. The receptionist may take your coat and book you in. The owner of the hair styling salon might welcome you. A junior may be called over to shampoo your hair. Then the stylist will take over.

Offer a small tip to your shampooer and tip your stylist. If you have had you locks colored or highlighted then tip the colorist. Some people offer a 10% tip whilst others prefer to offer a little more. Tipping is one way of showing the salon staff that you value their time and efforts.

If you are keen to learn more about etiquette in the salon contact us at the Avalon School of Cosmetology. Our team of well-trained students would enjoy practising the art of hair salon etiquette with you.

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