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June 9, 2013

How to Start a Hair Salon

Experienced hairdressers may be wondering how to start a hair salon.  This is an excellent question as self-employment offers business owners a host of benefits.  People who have the capital to start a business should consider getting into the beauty industry.

Why Do People Want to Start a Hair Salon?

Most beauty school graduates get jobs at hair and beauty salons.  While this is an excellent way to learn, it should be considered a stepping stone.  Working for another person means that a hairdresser’s salary will always be capped.  On the flip side, starting a salon means hairdressers could earn more money than they ever expected.  They will also have the benefit of being their own boss.

How to Start a Salon:  Finding Financing

The first step in starting a business is getting financing.  Business owners will need a considerable amount of money to lease a premises, buy equipment and hire staff.  As most people do not have this much money in their bank account, they will have to get a business loan.

All one needs to do this is draw up a business plan and make an appointment with a bank.  The bank staff will ask applicants to fill in an application form.  If the application is declined, business owners can look for investors.  In the past, this used to be very difficult.  Thanks to the internet, finding investors has never been easier.

Finding and Setting Up a Premises

After business owners have gotten funding, they should start looking for a building to run their business from.  The ideal premises will be in an area that gets lots of foot traffic.  That being said, many suburban salons are successful because they have little competition and low prices.

When entrepreneurs are looking at potential retail spaces, they should estimate how much work needs to be done.  Generally salon owners will have to paint the property, put up signage and install sinks.

Knowing the Beauty Business

Unfortunately, a number of people who do not know much about the beauty business try to set up salons.  Most of these people struggle to understand concepts and ideas that hairdressers are familiar with.  Anyone who is not a trained hairdresser should consider going to beauty school.  This will give them the knowledge they need to run a successful salon.  Not to mention, trained owners can cover for their hairdressers when the salon is busy.

How Avalon Can Help

If you are interested in starting a beauty based business, please give Avalon School of Cosmetology a call.  We offer a number of cosmetology courses which will teach you about the industry.  Our staff will be able to advise you on which course is best suited to your needs.  We can also give you advice on financing your studies.

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