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June 29, 2013

How to Get a Student Loan for Cosmetology School

Anyone who wants to go to cosmetology school and pursue a career as a beauty and health expert will have many job options available to them, but first they will need to pay the education bills, making it necessary for many to find a student loan for cosmetology school.

Getting a Student Loan for Cosmetology School

Cosmetology is one of the less expensive types of job training, especially in comparison to a full four-year university education, but it is still necessary to pay the bills that go along with tuition, books, and possibly lodging.  Here are a few ways to ensure that you get the money needed for your education.

Where To Find The Best Loan For Cosmetology School

When you are entering into the cosmetology trade, you may know a lot about hair and nails, but you likely do not know much about the student loan system.  This is not a big deal — few people do — but there are a few tips that you should know about choosing the right loan for your schooling.  Since it is more difficult to get a loan for a cosmetology school than it is for a traditional university, you may have to look a bit further in order to find the money you need.

Most federal loans are meant for a full university education, while many private loan providers also try to lend out money for longer duration education instead of vocational training.  The good news is that this is beginning to change, although it may not be fast enough for some people.

Beauty Schools And Accreditation

One thing that may determine whether or not you will be able to get a loan for your beauty school training is whether or not you intend to attend a school that is accredited.  In general, many beauty colleges are, since this helps them attract better instructors and more students, but others forgo accreditation in order to save money and offer a less expensive education to students who do not have as much money in their budget.

You can check whether or not the school you intend to apply to or attend is on the National Accrediting Commission.  An independent school may not be, but this should not necessarily be a deal-breaker for your schooling.  After all, you want the best available training you can get.

Federal Loans

A Federal Direct Subsidized Loan will be available to any American citizen who has enrolled in a two-year (or shorter) educational institute.  This includes beauty schools as well as community colleges and trade schools.  Students must be enrolled at least half time (the credit hours may differ on a school-to-school basis) in a program that will provide certification or a degree.  The federal loans are some of the lowest interest rates available, with fixed figures that will not rise over the course of your life, as well as a grace period of six months after graduation in order to help you search for a job or move to a new city.  You will have to prove, however, a level of financial need.

Private Loans

There are many different private loan companies in the United States that will offer student loans for cosmetic school or other health and beauty vocation training.  It may be necessary for a student to talk with many lending institutions, including banks and credit unions, in order to get the best possible loan.  This is because not all lenders have the same principles about lending money for continuing education, and the interest rates may be substantially different.

Sallie Mae is one of the largest lending institutions for any type of student education, with a career training student loan that has a better interest rate than many others.  Students can borrow 100% of the cost of their schooling, with a minimum amount of one thousand dollars.  It is not recommended to borrow more than you need, and to never borrow money without a plan that will allow you to repay every penny on time.

Have You Considered Avalon School of Cosmetology?

When you need assistance with your future as a cosmetologist, whether it is a student loan for cosmetology school or education as an esthetician, you can be sure that Avalon.edu will be able to help you with your concerns.

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