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June 10, 2013

Successfully Marketing Your Hair Salon

New opportunities for achieving significant financial independence, are now available as a result of the developing hair salon industry.  Salon professionals are now able to sell their salons and retire as multi-millionaires, which used to be an extremely rare occurrence.

Persons are able to earn significant income and are therefore financially independent in retirement, enabling them the opportunity to enjoy their earnings, however they may desire.

8 Rules to Successfully Marketing Your Hair Salon

Today’s contemporary salon owner is much more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial  than their predecessors. To achieve success in the salon industry today, a new set of rules have to be mastered.

Offer Exclusive Products

The majority of products which sales representatives present as professional-only items, are actually available to the general public in stores such as Target and Walmart and on websites such as Amazon. To offer a line of products, which are really salon-exclusive, and available only by licensed professionals, then selective brands such as the entire line of products offered by  Organic Salon Systems, should be sourced.

Make Marketing an Integral Part of Your Plan

Marketing strategy for your business is not limited to advertising, but also involves promotion and communication. Through advertising, the message that you want  to present to the public, can be accomplished in the placement of print advertisements, billboard renting, and advertising campaigns on radio stations.

Several promotions can be offered to potential clients, such as a customer referral program, discount programs, or participation in radio interviews to highlight the salon’s benefits and services. Another marketing strategy is communication, possibly  through visible signage that is attractive, press releases and a listing of your website in local directories.

Identify a Niche

Since there are many salons offering identical services, and competing for the same clients, then it is advisable to identify a niche market to target. You should develop your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), which would be offers that are unique to your salon, and can be advertised specifically, geared to a particular niche.

Develop Long Term Relationships with Your Valued Clients

Instead of providing immediate service to your client, and enhancing their beauty on one visit, develop a program designed specifically for them, and recommend suitable products for them to use. You  and your salon will be remembered as providing invaluable service, and a loyal relationship will be established.

Focus on the Cultivation of Ethos Rather Than the Development of An Image

In previous years, image was associated with the hair salon industry, however in today’s world, “building client affinity” is considered to be much more valuable than “building an image”. A client developing a feeling of attachment, and inherent similarity to the business, is tantamount to the development of client loyalty. Referred to as a strong ethos,  a set of goals, culture, salon values and mission when developed, is the most effective method of building client affinity.

Be Savvy With Your Prices

It is sometimes viewed as inevitable that salons will lose clients, if they raise their prices. However this actually allows for the offering of enticing discounts, when conducting your promotional programs. The  perceived value of your services increase, and potential new customers will actually pay the higher prices and ultimately expand your client network.

Ensure You Have an Exit Strategy

Firstly you need to develop your personal long term plan, which would include the amount of money you wish to embark on your retirement period with, and other factors, such as whether you want to leave the business to your offspring, or the amount you want to be able to sell the business for. Synchronizing your personal goals and financial status, with the goals of your business is key to defining your exit strategy.

Do Not Be A Star

Do not build your business solely on your talents, but rather develop the business from your talents. You would want the business to last beyond your retirement, so the business should not be dependent on your expertise. The salon should have its own value and continue to be successful, even if you are not involved. So commit to building a great business, as your ultimate goal, and put your ego aside.

In summary, the savvy salon in today’s industry, can generate considerable income for both owners and investors. The potential business owner, just has to take advantage of the various opportunities now available, which were not existent previously.

Starting With Avalon School of Cosmetology

If you are looking to start a career in the beauty industry, either through running a salon or other field, you’ll find yourself in great hands at Avalon School of Cosmetology. Our accredited institution offers students access to the most cutting edge and current techniques used in the beauty world today. If you are looking to enroll in a cosmetology course, contact us.

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