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July 22, 2013

6 Quick Ways to Style Short Hair

style short hairWhen you need to get out the door while looking great, there are a few ways to style short hair without needing to spend hours washing, drying, and curling your hairdo.  Some involve cuts that are so close that they barely need maintenance at all.

Style Short Hair With Pixie Close Cuts

Hair that is less than an inch in length requires a bare minimum of work in order to look perfect.  A pixie haircut will show off a woman’s features without getting in the way of makeup or clothing.  The look is simple: wash and wait a few minutes to dry, then apply gel for a wavy appearance.  No fuss, no muss.

Spiking Pulses

When you have a lot of spray on hand and want to stand out (and look a few inches taller, spikes on top can easily be done by brushing out hair that is two to three inches in length.  Just apply gel to the roots and blow dry, then twist each strand upwards in order to get the desired body or texture.  A mist of hairspray will keep it firm through the day.

Flapper Trim

Once you have had short hair trimmed, there is only a bit of work to do to make sure it lines up before you head out the door.  Close-cropped hair strikes an appearance and requires just a tiny bit of mousse in order to keep it from moving about in the course of a day.  If hair is shorter than an inch, apply to the top; if longer, apply to the roots.

Comb Over

The Bieber haircut is a great look for women as well as their chic boyfriends.  To get a sleek, windblown look, use a combination of straightening gel once your hair is dry and then use a paddle brush to pull your hair flat to your scalp while you blow dry.  Keep the hair along the slope of your head to look natural.

Bed Head

It can take a lot of work to look like you just woke up, but those looking for the punk rocker look can use a moisturizer while they shower, then blow-dry and add a texture spray to the mix, teasing hair to any side of the face that looks best.  Accessorize with heavy eye shadow.


While it takes effort, a pompadour can be done quickly with mattifying powder, curling hair back to the crown and pinning it down.  Use pomade on the sides and back, then spray it down and remove the pins from the pomp.

These are just a few ways to style short hair. If you would rather have a professional style your hair, we at Avalon School of Cosmetology offer affordable salon services.

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