July 20, 2013

How to Become a Beauty Consultant

Someone who loves beauty products, is capable of giving out timely and appropriate advice, has great customer service skills and empathy, understands trends and has a good head for business can leverage his or her skills to become a beauty consultant or adviser. Beauty consultants play a key role as mediators between consumers and the manufacturers of beauty products. They provide exposure for and promote new items and offer consumers the opportunity to discover products they can use for their personal care. If this career is for you, learn how to become a beauty consultant with these tips:

How to Become a Beauty Consultant

As an aspiring beauty consultant, you can expect to undergo training that will usually be provided by a personal care product manufacturer or spa in order to promote their business. However, you do need to know what the industry is like to get a feel of how everything works, from the time the product is launched to the time it reaches supermarket shelves to the time it is bought by consumers. Having a good understanding of beauty products, their formulations and uses, along with the needs and preferences of consumers are also helpful to get you started.

Build Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is a showcase of your skills, talent, style and experience. Right from the get go, take photos and videos of your work and models along with the specific products you used to create a specific look. If possible, show before and after results. A portfolio will not only show clients and potential employers what you know but also present your versatility, something that will come in handy in the future.

Get Into the Industry

Most beauty consultants have a retail, personal care or makeup background, so it pays to start finding work in any of these fields, all of which offer valuable hands-on experience. Finding jobs as a freelancer is also an option, provided you work hard at creating a network and getting good references to build your reputation.

Walk the Walk

As a beauty consultant, you are expected to be well-groomed, friendly, detail-oriented and engaging. Beauty product manufacturers, salon owners and stores expect you to be helpful and approachable, with good manners to match. Other than your skills and expertise, you should also be able to show your enthusiasm for the job.

Do You Need to Go to School

Not every beauty consultant who works today holds a certificate. Many of them got their start from their days as amateur artists and beauty product sellers. If you believe that going to a beauty school is a good step for your career, so be it. However, take note that it can be a considerable investment on your part because of the time and expense schooling will entail. If you want to learn how to become a beauty consultant without getting an education, build your experience and refine your skills by reading books, magazines, watching tutorial videos, going to beauty product launches and demonstrations, and of course, constantly applying what you have learned.

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