July 6, 2013

How to Get Beauty School Grants for Single Moms

Many people would like to change their career trajectory, but not everyone has the time or money needed to make a change in their life: those who have children but are looking for a job in the beauty industry should know about beauty school grants for single moms that allow them to go back to school.

While not all of these grants are directly targeted at mothers, there are a few that will be of most help to those raising one or more children on their own.

Availability Of Grants For Single Moms

A grant is unlike a loan in that it does not need to be repaid and there are usually no hurdles (such as credit score) that a single mom has to jump in order to get access to this free money.  Each one, however, requires an application and might need letters of recommendation from former employers or co-workers in order to determine the skills and chances of success of a single mom looking to break into the beauty industry.

Some, such as the federal government Pell Grants, only provide money for tuition, with more money going towards the single moms who want to get through an education by full-time study and less for those who need to slow down with part-time education.  A Pell Grant can be applied for at any beauty college or university.

Private And Public Beauty Grants For Single Moms

Not all of the grants that a single mom can apply for will necessarily go to cover the costs of education, schoolwork, and classroom resources.  Some are just the opposite — they allow a mom to have spending money for rent, bills, and groceries during the months or years that she wants to go back to beauty school.  For example, the Raise the Nation Foundation gives grants to single mothers who want to go back to school, with money that can go to both tuition and expenses incurred during study period.

Prior Education And Success

If a single mom has graduated from college or even high school before, she can qualify for an Academic Competitiveness Grant that gives $750 the first year and $1500 the second.  This, however, requires maintaining a 3.0 grade point average during her time in high school or college.  If a mom maintains good grades during her first year, however, she can apply for it in her second.

Consider Avalon Institute

For those single moms, married moms, or expecting moms who are looking to break into the healthy and beauty industry but are not sure where to begin, checking out Avalon Institute’s range of information and training can help you along your dream career of becoming a hair care specialist, a nail technician, a masseuse, or a salon proprietor.

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