July 2, 2013

Beauty School Vs. Cosmetology School

In most cases that you will find, the question of a beauty school vs. cosmetology school will come down to very small details.  There is relatively little difference between the two unless one or the other school advertises its classes and training in a specific fashion.

The Benefits of  Beauty School and Cosmetology School

Whether you are interested in working at a beauty parlor or as a makeup expert or even if you want to own your salon, there are rarely any advantages or disadvantages of going to one school over the other.  Instead, choose a beauty or a cosmetology school based on several other factors.

Costs Of Beauty Or Cosmetology School

One of the largest choices that you will have to make in your journey to become a health and beauty expert is what school you want to go to and how much money you are willing to invest in your future.  While there are elite beauty academies that are a sure fast-track to a career upon graduation, they may be as much as ten times as expensive as a community college.

Perhaps you may not be able to afford such an investment, or perhaps you realize that you will never make ten times as much money with a certain degree.  A beauty academy tends to be more expensive than a cosmetology school — is it worth the extra money to you?

Private Schools And Accredited Institutes

When you look over the choices of schools and colleges, it may be important to you to choose an accredited institute instead of a private school.  This is because some lending institutes will not be willing to provide money for tuition to an unaccredited institute, even if the private school in question has a reputation as one of the very best in the city or state.

You may need loans in order to complete your education and being unable to get these loans for an unaccredited school may outweigh all the name power of a particular school.

The Curriculum of Beauty School Vs. Cosmetology School

Regardless of whether you choose one or the other, there are many things you are sure to learn in either educational program.  Basics of makeup, including hiding blemishes and highlighting features of the face, are a major aspect of the training.  In addition, treating damaged hair or providing a new hair style will take up much of your coursework.  Some particular schools will have specialized courses like massage, while others only have the necessary cosmetology training that employers expect.

For those who want to get into a beauty school or a cosmetology school, you can get help on your track to a new career by using the services and training available at Avalon.edu in order to determine the course that is best for your future.

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