July 21, 2013

Little Known Benefits of Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion hair extensions are one of the hot new methods of attaching extensions.  Although only a few salons offer this service, it is bound to catch on.  The process used to attach these extensions is the opposite of hot fusion.  This method uses no heat to fuse extensions to natural hair.

How Do Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Work

Cold Fusion uses ultrasonic waves instead of heat.  These waves apply mechanic energy to the tip of the extensions.  They then directly attach the extension to the root of the natural hair.  The keratin tips used to bind the hair together are both invisible and flexible.  This makes the hair appear and feel more natural than other types of extensions.

What Are the Advantages of Using Cold Fusion Extensions?

There are numerous reasons why cold fusion extensions are preferable over other hair extensions.  Some of these are listed below.

  • As these extensions do not use heat, they are very gentle on the hair.  This application method eliminates problems like burns and scalp damage.  The end result is that this product is suitable for consumers with thin and/or weak hair.
  • The gentle nature of this method means that it can be used by people who have skin conditions like alopecia.
  • Because cold fusion extensions are applied to the root of the hair, they are suitable for people with short hair.  Those who have lost their hair to cancer treatment can attach extensions to their new growth.
  • The extensions can also be used by people with thinning hair.
  • Consumers will not have to replace their extensions for 3 to six months.

How to Get Extensions

Consumers who are interested in this product will need to find a salon.  As these extensions are expensive, not every salon will offer this service.  Once consumers have found a salon, they should go in for a consultation.  The staff at the salon will be able to give consumers an instant quote.  If consumers are happy with the price, they can make an appointment to get the extensions attached.  Because extensions are tricky to attach, customers should expect to spend a few hours in the salon chair.

Taking good care of extensions is very important.  After application, consumers should wash and condition their hair with products specifically designed for extensions.  Doing this will prevent them from getting tangled.  The better care a cold Fusion extension receives, the longer it will last.


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