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July 13, 2013

Choosing Vitamins For Natural Hair Growth

Everyone knows about how some vitamins and minerals help out your body, like calcium for bones, but who knows which vitamins for natural hair growth work best for your body?

Choosing the Right Vitamins

Getting healthy and beautiful hair is more complex than getting enough iron in your diet, with plenty of urban legends and misinformation out there to trip you up.  For example, everyone knows that vitamin C helps your immune system, but are the rumors that it provides stronger hair follicles true?

Between Truth And Semi-Truth

Part of the reality of the vitamins craze that has swept the nation is that the benefits of a certain supplement depend on who you are talking to.  Vitamin C, for instance, is included in nearly every supplement that is available at a grocery store, but there is no evidence that the vitamin is helpful for any part of the body if it is in concentrations above about ten percent.  This is a pretty small amount — especially since some supplements boast that they provide five hundred percent more Vitamin C than you need in a single day — so what is the reality behind the myths?

Vitamin C helps to provide your cells with the nutrients they need in order to repair and rebuild damages.  This is why it is so helpful for your immune system — whenever a cold or virus attacks your senses, Vitamin C helps to mitigate the damage.  Yet how it affects hair is less than entirely clear.

What’s In A Name

This vitamin that is so prevalent in citrus fruit is part of an acid that is created by plant matter in order to keep the tissues fresh and healthy.  It is possible to create Vitamin C in a laboratory using synthetic material, so that you can get all that your body needs without having to eat the fruits that you are averse to, but there does not seem to be any advantage to the synthetic compared to the natural molecules.  Though it will maintain plant tissue, it can also break down other organic materials with its low pH.

Hair And Vitamin C

If you pick up a bottle of shampoo and read that it contains Vitamin C, you should be skeptical about some of the promises.  For starters, you should know that it can keep your scalp healthy because the acidity will clear away dead skin cells and old organic material.  What it will not do, however, is make your hair any shinier or thicker, because there is no evidence suggesting it helps.  That said, there is also no evidence to suggest it hurts.

How Avalon Can Help

If you are looking for more than the basics about the health and beauty industry, Avalon can help you understand the ins and outs of the hair care world with cosmetology training on styles and professional trajectories.

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