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July 25, 2013

Common Esthetic Services Offered at Beauty School Salons

When you go into a beauty salon, there are many different treatments that you can get, including esthetic services that provide cosmetic treatments to common beauty issues.  No matter what salon you go to, these beauty technicians will have learned their craft at a beauty school.  What types of esthetic services are offered at beauty school salons?

Facial Care

Since most of beauty involves looking at a person’s face, the main focus of most estheticians is to improve the quality of a person’s image.  This can involve many different practices, but facials are some of the most common.  A facial seeks to alleviate the skin of the head and chin by eliminating the dirt and detritus that clings to our pores.  This scrub and peel is capable of making skin look and feel years younger.  In a beauty school, students will learn different ways to pull different types of bacteria and dead skin away from the facial area.

Hair Removal Services

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair, but nobody wants to have beautiful hair in any place but on their scalp and eyebrows.  Esthetic care treats hair that creeps up in a number of unwanted places, including:

  • Between the eyebrows
  • On the upper and lower lib
  • Around the chin
  • On the legs or bikini area

This hair removal can involve tweezing, depilatory creams, or full-on waxing.  In a beauty college, students learn how best to remove particular hair follicles with the minimum amount of pain and damage to the skin.

Makeup Services

Many women know how to put on makeup, but not all know the best ways to make their eyes truly pop or their lips shine without using products you could find at a grocery store.  Many estheticians specialize in non-traditional makeup, such as facial highlights, that allows them to treat women who want a new look for their makeup routine but are not sure what the best solution is.  The courses teach a complex process of coloration and light in order to better match makeup with skin tones and hair styles.

Hair Care Services

When a woman wants to augment her hair, going to as esthetician for coloring or styling is a natural inclination.  A major part of beauty school is understanding the dynamics of a given head of hair, including how to treat different hair ethnicity as well as how to best get a hair to a specific color or shade.  No student graduates without showing aptitude at hair care.

Whether you are looking for information on how to curl hair or whether you want to pursue a career in Esthetic, Avalon.edu offers the training needed to make it in the beauty industry.

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