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July 31, 2013

Factors Affecting the Length of Cosmetology School

To become a cosmetologist, you will need to complete a degree program first. The length of time that it takes is dependent on many factors. Listed below are some of the factors affecting the length of a cosmetology school program.

Full Time or Part Time

One factor that affects the duration of your course is whether you go to school full time or part time. When going to school, you will need to complete a certain amount of classes and hours in a practice salon. If you are completely dedicated to school for about one year, you could end up completing the program. However if you need to work another job or have other responsibilities outside of school and can only go part time, it will end up taking longer. In some cases, part time students will take 2 years or more to complete their degree.

Type of Program

The length of the course will also be impacted by the type of program you choose. There are various programs available. In most cases, you will be able to qualify as a cosmetologist if you simply receive a certification of completion. These programs can take less than a year for full time students. However, if you choose to go after an associates degree from a beauty school, then it could take over two years for you to complete the program. While it may take longer, it could be beneficial as those with associates’ degrees will have more job opportunities upon graduation.


While a base program for a cosmetology degree will take between one and two years to complete, there are many specialties available to pursue as well. If you do pursue a specialty, it could require more course work and require you to complete more hours working on clients. In most cases, completing a specialty will add on another three to six months of time until you finish the program. While it could take more time to complete, these specialties could provide you with addition opportunities and increase your earning potential.

Business Classes

The fourth factor that could impact the length of time taken to complete the program is whether you decide to take business classes as well. An ultimate goal for many people in cosmetology is to open up their own salon. While this can be a great career option, it requires a lot of business knowledge and skills. When in school, there will be options to take business classes to learn what you need to know. While they may not be required and will take time to complete, they could be beneficial if you want to open your own salon.

Choosing a Beauty School

If you would like to join a beauty school, it would be advisable to do your homework. Research the type of courses offered, the cost, whether they offer financial aid and more. We at Avalon school of cosmetology offer various beauty courses. Call us at 877-297-2118 and talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions including length of cosmetology school programs.

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