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July 13, 2013

Factors that Influence an Esthetician Salary

Becoming an esthetician could be a great career option for anyone that takes pride in helping someone improve their appearance and is looking for a potentially lucrative and very rewarding career.

A Look At the Factors of an Esthetician Salary

While an esthetician can earn plenty of money, income earned can fluctuate considerably from one professional to the next.  There are several factors that can influence what the average income of an esthetician will be.


The first factor that can influence the income that can be earned by an esthetician is the education that they have received.  To practice as an esthetician, you will need to at least receive the base licensing requirements, which will require you to complete an educational program at a local college.

While you can earn a decent living with the base educational requirements, those that continue to pursue more and more education will qualify to provide additional services and will learn more advanced techniques.  These advanced techniques can then translate into more expensive services provided, more tip money, and a higher base salary.  Continuing to always look for more ways to enhance your education is one of the best ways that an esthetician can earn more money.


Another factor that will have plenty of influence on how much money an esthetician will ultimately earn is the location of where they work.  Estheticians tend to earn more money when they work in a larger and more densely populated city.  This is because there are far more people located nearby than in more rural communities.  Ideally, an esthetician should look for a job that is located in a busy mall or shopping district that has plenty of walk or drive-by traffic.

Client List

One of the most important factors that will include the average income of an esthetician is their client list.  Regardless of whether an esthetician owns their own salon, they ultimately run their own small business.  While there will always be some walk-in business, most estheticians earn the majority of their money through repeat business with existing clients.  While it can take time to build a steady list of clients, estheticians that focus on earning repeat business and gaining referrals from existing clients will ultimately build a larger client list and will earn far more money.

Salon Owner

Ultimately, an esthetician that is looking to maximize their income will want to open up their own salon.  While there is considerable risk that comes with doing so, there is a significant amount of upside in owning their own small business.  Not only would they earn money when working on their own clients, but they will also get a sizable percentage of gross revenue brought in by other estheticians that work in their salon.

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