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July 2, 2013

Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

There are lots of myths surrounding which hairstyles look best on round faces. People claim that those with rounder faces can not pull of shorter hairstyles or sleek ponytails.

Knowing Which Hairstyles Are Best  for Round Faces

Although certain hairstyles can be very unflattering on rounder faces, there are many different hair cuts and styles that shape round faces very well.

Avoid a Middle Part

  • Middle parts on long, straight hair will not frame a round face and will look very odd.
  • If you really want a middle part, try doing one just slightly off center. Add volume, or even some large waves/curls to help the hair flick away from the face, which will allow the hair to frame the face rather than cut it off.

Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

  • People with round faces can rock almost any length of hair, the layers, thickness, and styling will make the difference.
  • Full bangs will often not work well with a round face, but side swept bangs can look great.
  • Avoid getting a blunt bob. A plain bob will make a round face look even rounder. For shorter hair styles, make sure to add layers and angles that will accentuate the face, and consider thinning the ends if you have extremely thick hair. Additionally, adding volume to the bob will help make it fit the face better, as the hair is lifted more and lighter around the face.
  • Long hair with subtle layers can also flatter a round face. A slightly off-center part will also outline the face in a better way than a deep side part or a middle part.
  • Very short haircuts, like a pixie, can greatly flatter a round face if cut properly. Again, hair should be tapered and not cut bluntly. Pixie cuts work well with round faces because they can be cut in a way which outlines the face in a desirable manner.
  • Mid-length layers are also a good option for people with round faces. Similar to long layers, they help to frame the face rather than box it in. When curled slightly, the layers will flow away from the face and open it up. Lauren Conrad sports the mid length layers.

Styling Tips

  • Make sure to curl the hair away from the face. This procedure is recommended for all hair and face types, but is vital for those with rounder faces, because outward curls around the face will open up the face and make it less noticeably round.
  • Consider adding dimension using highlights/low-lights. Adding subtle color dimension will help the hair appear more lively and can also help accentuate the face better.
  • Looser curls work best. Tight curls near round faces may make them appear rounder. For those born with naturally curly hair and round faces, there are ways to style the hair that will combat the roundness, but those who are styling their hair should aim for bigger, looser curls in order to flow around the face better.

Let Avalon Help

When working with a round face, it is important to have a knowledgeable hair stylist. The professionals at Avalon can help you achieve the perfect hairstyle for your round face. Avalon provides affordable, quality hair services and would be glad to help you find the ideal look for your round face.

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