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July 11, 2013

Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Maintaining hair of any texture, length, and thickness can be a difficult process. With so many advertisements it may be difficult to choose affordable, yet inexpensive hair care products.

Tips for Healthy Hair

With a few simple hair care tips, it is very easy to manage hair and keep it healthy.

Know Your Hair Type

Knowing hair type will make it much easier to find products or methods that will be effective. Finding YouTubers or bloggers with similar hair types may help introduce you to new tips for taking care of your specific hair type.

  • Decide what your texture is. The hair typing chart may be useful, or just general comparison to others. Mainly, decide whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or “kinky”/afro-textured.
  • Take note of hair length, and how hair management changes as length of hair changes.
  • Determine hair thickness and coarseness. Each individual strand may be fine, moderate, or coarse, and the density of hair may cause hair pulled together to feel thin, moderate, or thick. It is possible to have fine individual hairs, but so many of them that hair is very thick all together.
  • Certain hair types tend to react similarly to products or methods, but each person’s hair is slightly different. Make sure to understand your own hair moisture needs as well as how fast your own hair tends to grow.
  • Figure out how oily your hair is.It is useful to shampoo the least number of times possible, but the number of days a person can go without shampooing may vary based on hair type. Some people naturally produce more oil at a quicker rate, and cannot lessen this oil production even with reduced shampoo sessions.

Styling Tips

  • Work with your texture. Understand that not every hairstyle will look the same on every hair type. For example, braids done on curly hair tend to have a “messier” look than those on straight hair. Additionally, those with short hair or many layers may be limited in their style choices.
  • Practice. Do not attempt the most complex braid combinations until you have mastered the basic three-strand braid.
  • Look up tutorials. It is quite difficult to invent new hairstyles, but it is very easy to replicate others or slightly alter hairstyles you have seen.

Overall Hair Maintenance Tips

  • Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair (instead of a brush) to avoid breakage.
  • Trim hair when necessary to prevent an abundance of split ends. Do not over-trim hair if you desire more length, just get enough hair trims to keep damaged ends away.
  • Deep condition. Nearly every hair type needs extra moisture, and deep conditioning is one way to add that moisture.
  • Minimize heat styling. Over time, heat can damage hair severely. Using the least amount of heat on hair as possible will ensure its health. Additionally, make sure to use a heat protecting product before using any form of heat styling.

Although products may seem like the most important step in hair care, there are many other practices which are vital to keeping hair healthy. Avalon offers expertise in hair care, as well as affordable hair styling. If you are having trouble managing your hair for any reason, contact your local Avalon salon. Sometimes, all it takes for a clean slate of healthy hair is a nice trim.

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