July 12, 2013

Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women


During all of the excitement and preparations of expecting a baby, hair care can become a neglected luxury. During pregnancy, a woman’s hair may go through some temporary, but drastic, changes.

Helpful Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women

It is vital that expecting mothers understand what the changes to their bodies may involve, and discover some useful ways to manage their hair while under the stress of being pregnant. Here are some hair care tips for pregnant women:

Hair Changes During Pregnancy

Understanding possible changes that may occur will help pregnant women better be able to manage their hair.

  • Hair may become thicker, because the phase during which hair is growing or resting may be extended, so less hair falls out. However, hair cycles will normalize after the baby is delivered.
  • Hair texture may also change. Often times the original texture may return.
  • Hair may become less or more oily due to hormone changes.
  • Try to work with whatever “new” hair you have while pregnant, but be aware that it will likely revert after giving birth. Hormones are the main factor that affect the hair during pregnancy.

Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women

  • Do simple styles. While pregnant, there will not be much time to manage hair. Simple hairstyles like buns, large braids, and ponytails will keep hair out of your face while preventing tangles and damage.
  • Don’t neglect your hair. Even though there will be many other things to worry about, make sure to keep up with daily hair care such as brushing/combing, conditioning, and trims if necessary.
  • Give your hair moisture. Depending on what changes your hair goes through during pregnancy, you may need to deep condition more than usual.
  • Drink enough water. Many people do not get enough water as is, but it can be especially difficult to obtain enough liquids while carrying another life. Drinking enough water will positively impact your health, as well as hydrate your hair.
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Again, a nutritional diet is necessary for the overall health of you and your baby, but is also important for the health of your hair.
  • Consider taking prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are said to improve the health of hair even in women that are not pregnant. It is vital to get enough proper vitamins and nutrients, and prenatal vitamins will ensure that.

Overall, taking care of hair while pregnant may be a challenge due to hormonal changes which alter the hair and a busier lifestyle. With proper maintenance, a person can create a simple hair care routine that will preserve the health of their hair while making it easy to manage.

How Avalon Can Help

If you are struggling with managing your hair during pregnancy, or want a new color or cut to celebrate the birth of your new family member, Avalon will be able to help you. Avalon offers affordable hair services, as well as expert advice. The easiest hair to take care of during pregnancy is healthy hair.

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