July 10, 2013

How to Manage Dry Ends

Hair, especially very long hair, can frequently suffer from dry ends. Sometimes, no matter how much conditioning, smoothing, or protective styling you do, the dry hair ends persist. Is it time for a trim, or are you missing something? Dealing with dry ends can be extremely frustrating, but there are a few ways to manage them.

Understanding Dry Ends

Knowing why you have dry ends will help prevent them in the future.

  • Too much heat styling can cause damaged, dry ends. If this is your reason for dry ends, make sure to reduce the number of times you use heat, and to always use a heat protecting product beforehand.
  • Very long hair is more prone to split ends. The ends are the oldest part of the hair, and the longer the hair, the longer those ends have been exposed to the elements. Additionally, the ends of the hair do not get the naturally produced oil that the hair near the roots gets. To combat this, make sure to apply oils to the ends of the hair on top of a conditioning product, in order to seal in moisture.
  • Is your hair type more prone to dryness? Most of the time, curly hair is drier than straighter hair. Oils have to travel a much longer way (around all sorts of spirals and waves) on curly hair, so the hair tends to be drier. If you have curly or very coarse hair, make sure to provide more moisture to the hair in general.

Tips For Your Dry Ends

Do not cut those ends before trying these tips:

  • Shampoo less. Shampoo is very stripping to the hair, and it may be contributing to dryness. Also, make sure to only shampoo at the roots, and not along the length of the hair.
  • Deep condition. Frequency of deep conditioning may vary based on individual hair needs, but it is important to deep condition in order to restore moisture. Leave the deep conditioner in, under a shower cap or plastic bag, overnight for best results.
  • Wear protective styles. Protective styles keep the ends of hair tucked in, and thus protected from daily wear due to wind or friction. Buns are a great protective style, and there are many different types of buns to wear.

Let Avalon’s Salon Services Help

If you’ve tried everything and still have dry ends, it may be time to stop into Avalon for a trim, or at least some advice. Avalon provides very affordable salon services and expertise. It is vital to get extremely dry, damaged ends trimmed before they begin to split.

Split ends may end up affecting the overall quality of hair, and can often be difficult to remove without cutting a lot of hair. So, make sure to let Avalon snip off those terribly dry ends before they start to split.

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