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July 6, 2013

Tips for an Esthetician Job Interview

If you enjoy working with clients and get satisfaction out of making someone appear more attractive and more confident, then pursuing a career as an esthetician could be a great option.  After you have completed your education at an esthetician college, you will receive your license and start the process of finding a job.

Preparing For An Esthetician Job Interview

Like most careers, esthetics will require you to go through the job interview process.  When applying and interviewing for an esthetician job, there are several tips that should be followed.


For any interview or job application, the most important thing that you need to do is properly prepare your resume.  A resume should be a personal marketing tool that points out all of your strengths and also discusses all of your work experience and educational background.

The resume should use descriptive words and carefully detail all professional and educational successes that you have had in your past.  Be sure to read through the resume several times and have another set of eyes review it as well to ensure that it is organized professional, accurate, and error-free.  The day of the resume, be sure to bring at least five copies of it printed on high quality resume paper.

Dress Professionally and Appropriately

When you are getting ready for the interview, you also need to get yourself to appear at your best.  The night before the interview, it would be a good idea to eat a healthy meal and get plenty of rest, which will allow you to feel recharged the next day.  Since you will be partially judged based on your appearance, you should also dress professionally and appropriately for the position that you are applying for.

Be Prepared for Tough Questions

When getting ready for the esthetician job interview, you should also prepare yourself to answer some tough questions.  The interviewer will likely scan through your resume and ask you to explain your work experience and educational background.  They will then ask other questions, such as asking what your biggest weaknesses are, which can throw people off.  To ensure that you are prepared, try to come up with some pre-planned answers to some common challenging interview questions.

Be Prepared to Ask Questions

While most potential employers will spend the majority of the interview asking you questions, you should also be prepared to ask the interviewer some questions.  These questions should include asking about what a typical day in the salon is like, what the salon’s culture is like, and other questions that show that you are interested in the salon and the position.

If you do not ask any questions during the esthetician job interview, the interviewer will think that you are disinterested and will likely remove you from consideration.

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