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July 14, 2013

Wondering How To Run A Hair Salon?

There are many secrets about how to run a hair salon successfully, but the biggest tip that anyone should know is a single factor in every customer’s mind: beauty should always sell itself.

How To Run A Hair Salon

The desire to look and feel better about your image should be the defining reason why anyone walks through a salon’s door, so there will always be new and recurring customers for your operations.  What you should be sure of, however, is that your organization is better able to accommodate their desires in comparison to your competitors.

Be A Pro

In the same sense that you would not waste time and money at a bank or a grocery store or a rent-a-car company that does not treat you well, so too will customers refuse to enter your store’s doorway even if you offer the best haircuts, styles, and dye jobs.  Acting in a professional manner at all times keep both employees and customers positive about coming into the shop each day.

Make sure that you have employees who are handling both walk-ins and phone-in reservations, that you keep a tight schedule with flexibility but no delays, and that there is always someone at the front to direct traffic.  Keep standard hours in your shop and, as the boss and manager, be the first to show up each day and the last to leave.

Watch The Clock

Every time that a customer sets up an appointment, they will likely feel that they have a fifteen-minute window of flexibility to be early or late.  Accommodate their wishes, but do not fall into that same trap yourself.  Do not be late to work, do not crowd appointments so that customers are kept waiting, and make sure that all your stylists or hair-care specialists adhere to the schedule of the day.

Customers who spend more than a few minutes waiting will be unhappy — even with a great cut — and will give you the worst thing that your company can possibly endure: negative word-of-mouth.  In the event that customers are kept waiting, let them know that their appointment will be made free of charge so that the negativity is mitigated.

Expand Your Services

Some customers go into a hair salon looking only for a trim or a straightening.  Others want a full beauty experience.  Offer everything between pedicures, waxing, and massages in order to ensure that a person who comes in looking for a wash and rinse will walk out feeling better and having spend more time and money at your location.

How Avalon Can Help

If you want more business training for the competitive hair care industry, you can use the services of Avalon in order to get the necessary know-how to run a successful salon or beauty parlor.

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