July 1, 2013

How To Write A Letter Of Intent For Cosmetology School

The basics of cosmetology education are not that different from any other university, meaning that writing a letter of intent for cosmetology school may be familiar for those who have written a similar letter for college.  This does not mean, however that you should write it in the exact same fashion as you would for a different type of education.

Writing A Letter Of Intent For Cosmetology School

You need to outline the career trajectory that you want to achieve, detailing the goals and the plans you have set so that a school will be willing and eager to help you along your way.  This sets you apart from students who are more listless and less decisive, making you appear to be a better bet for a school.

Before You Start The Letter

Think about what schools you are interested in applying to at least one year prior to the deadline that they set for their applications.  Some schools have more rigid application processes, while others have flexible or even moving deadlines.  Whatever the case may be, it is much more important that you send the letter off prior to the deadline than any other aspect — after all, you could craft the most beautiful letter of intent in the entire world, but if it is sent off a day late it will do you no good.

Talk with the admissions department at the school or with any guidance counselors you have available at the high school or college level to get a better understanding of what you need to get, and when you need to get it.

Know What They Want When You Write

In the same sense that the best essays are those written for a specific audience, so too are the best letters written for a specific beauty school.  Try not to recycle too much from letter to letter, using specific names and places whenever possible in order to craft a more genuine appeal to the reader.  Look up the cosmetology school’s website and see what terms they use to describe themselves and their students, as well as the strengths of the institution.  Many schools will want to know how you intend to use their training down the line, meaning five or even twenty-five years after graduation.  Where do you want your career to go after graduation?

Talking About Yourself In A Letter

Each cosmetology school has to decide which of their applicants will make the cut and be allowed into each classroom.  In order to make this decision, these letters go a long way.  Talk about yourself in the letter by explaining what it is about the cosmetics industry that is so appealing to you and why you want to turn it into a career by going to a beauty college.  What have been your inspirations, whether person or professional?  Talk about favorite teachers as well as any estheticians, stylists, or nail technicians that you have particularly appreciated in your lifetime.

The School Itself

A good rule of thumb is always to butter up the school to some degree.  Talk about why you want to come to that specific school: what does their program do better than any other competitor?  Are there any instructors that you hope to study under?  Do you think that this school prepares students for a career better than others?  Do not be afraid to talk up the school, since it shows a determination to make it your number one choice.

Finish On A High Note

Even if you have very modest career aspirations, talk up your potential as a cosmetologist.  Perhaps you believe you could be capable of being a Hollywood makeup artist, or perhaps you think you could own your own beauty salon.  Think big whenever you can, since it shows that you have aspirations that their school can help to make a reality.

Many people want to develop their career as a cosmetologist, but not everyone knows the first steps that they have to take in order to launch themselves into a new job.  When you need to get the best possible training for your health and beauty career, the services of Avalon Institute are second to none for a letter of intent for cosmetology school or a scholarship for your studies.

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