August 10, 2013

The Best African American Hair Care Tips

Good African American hair care tips will address the problem of hair breakage experienced by many black people. Thus, consumers have to become more knowledgeable about their hair, if they are to grow and maintain an attractive hairstyle. There are various types and textures of black hair, from brittle and dry tight coils, to greasy loose curls.

Whenever an appropriate product is applied to the hair, it becomes easier to manage and appears healthier. Even better, it sustains its’ growing length. Here is some crucial information, which will keep both your children’s hair and your own hair at its’ optimum length and health:

African American Hair Care Tips

African American hair ought to be cleaned and conditioned each week, or as frequently as required to keep the hair moist. If this is not done, the hair will become dull and dry. Also, hairstyles will be difficult to hold, and breakages are inevitable.

With African American hair, relaxers and other chemical processes function faster. Hence, good timing is essential to prevent serious harm. Moreover, black hair can burn easily, because less time is needed for the warmth to penetrate during heat styling. Roller sets might sound old fashioned; however they are a great way of drying relaxed hair. Ceramic and ionic irons and dryers are recommended, as they are less harmful. This is because they heat hair on the inside. Lastly, rinsing with some cold water will keep the cuticles shut.

Black Hair Products

African American hair takes many different appearances, so the products should reflect this. There are some products that are proven to be great at protecting and nourishing the hair. The general rule is to understand how to manage both chemically processed hair and natural hair, because each type has different requirements.

Relaxed Hair

For relaxed hair, the professionals always recommend products specially designed for this hair type. After relaxing, utilize neutralizing shampoo and maintain this each week with a sulfate free shampoo, such as the WenUse deep conditioning pack and creamy protein conditioner. On a daily basis, use hair protectors and moisturizers containing coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and/or silicone. Finally, every eight weeks, you should consult your cosmetologist to get your hair relaxed professionally. This will keep the ends trimmed. This ensures that your hair remains on the correct course for healthy growth.

Adults and children should use natural products. There are other suitable products that contain natural oils as well. Alternatively, you could visit the Avalon Beauty School salon in Layton, Mesa or Phoenix and we will be happy to assist.

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