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August 17, 2013

Should I Choose Synthetic or Natural Hair Extensions?

Hair stylists know exactly how to fit synthetic or natural hair extensions. Many people would love to have some hair extensions fitted to lengthen or to thicken their existing hair. The hair dresser may use micro-rings, clip-ins, pins or glue to secure each hair extension into place. There are two kinds of hair extensions, real hair extensions and fake hair pieces. Human hair extensions are costly whereas synthetic hair enhancements are much more affordable.

Differences Between Synthetic and Natural Hair Extensions

  • Natural hair enhancements come from humans who have a good strong head of hair
  • Synthetic hair pieces are man-made
  • Genuine hair enhancements will outlast artificial hair pieces
  • Natural hair is easier to color
  • Hair extensions that are made from natural hair are far easier to cut and style
  • Lastly, fake hair pieces tend to look a little artificial whereas natural hair extensions look very real

When did Hair Extensions Become Fashionable?

Believe it or not the ancient Egyptians wore extensions in their hair. Men and women wore the extensions to enhance their beauty and they were a symbol of social status. Sometime later when the “pompadour hairstyle” became fashionable hair pieces were introduced to add height and volume. During 1950, 1940 and 1980 some of these styles underwent a revival. Naturally this created a great demand for human hair and the prices rose accordingly. Today people are paid generous amounts of money in exchange for their hair.

Should we Opt for Natural or Synthetic Hair Extensions?

In an ideal world everyone would choose to have real hair extensions but human hair enhancements can be costly. If you would love to have hair extensions fitted but you are working on a tight budget you could consider buying lower grade human hair or fake hair enhancements. The majority of hair salons employ highly trained stylists that are capable of fitting human and synthetic hair extensions. You may decide to have artificial hair extensions fitted or you might be able to afford human hair pieces but it is wise to buy the hair from a reputable source.

Remy hair extensions are extremely popular because this hair tends to flow exceptionally well. In general the hair type much depends on the donor. People of all races become hair donors and this means that the characteristics, strength, shine and color of the hair will vary greatly. If you would love to have hair extensions fitted to make your hair appear longer or thicker then our experienced hair technicians can help and advise you. Maybe you need some help to choose natural or synthetic hair extensions?

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