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August 8, 2013

How to Correctly Apply Liquid Foundation

Women all over the world have asked themselves this question “how do I apply liquid foundation?”  Thankfully, there is a simple answer to this question.  Applying foundation is not difficult if one has a little time and patience.

How to Correctly Apply Liquid Foundation

If you are a career woman and never have time to go to the salon, you can easily apply liquid foundation on your own. Listed below are steps women can take to apply foundation like a professional make-up artist.

Apply Primer to the Skin

Primer is a product that smoothes out the skin.  Using this product before applying foundation will improve the overall make-up look.  The skin will appear smooth and flawless if both primer and foundation are applied correctly.

Select the Right Shade of Foundation

Many women find that they look unnatural when they apply foundation.  This is because they are using the wrong shade.  Finding the perfect shade of foundation is essential.  Women can do this by applying foundation to their jawline.  If it sinks in without changing the color or tone of the skin, it is the right shade.  If the foundation is tested on the face or hands it may be too light or too dark.

Use a Foundation Brush

Applying foundation with the fingers or a sponge is very common.  Unfortunately, both of these methods have flaws.  Using the fingers can be messy while sponges soak up an unnecessary amount of product.  Ideally, women will apply their make-up with a foundation brush.  These can be purchased at make-up counters.

Once consumers have a brush, they can dip their brush in a small amount of foundation.  The next step is brushing it over the face.  The goal of the process is to blend the foundation into the skin.

Mistakes Made When Applying Makeup

The most common mistake women make when applying foundation is trying to conceal their blemishes.  This usually results in women looking as though they are wearing too much make-up.  Foundation is designed to even out the skin tone.  Therefore, women should apply a thin layer to their skin.  Once they have done this, they can apply concealer to their problem areas.

Applying foundation is not a difficult task.  The key to proper application is using the right color and tools.  Women who do this will not have to pay professionals to do their make-up for special events.  Instead, they can apply their own make-up quickly in the comfort of their own home.  Those who want to learn how to apply liquid foundation and other make-up products should consider attending beauty school.

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