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August 5, 2013

See How Easily you can Become a Beauty School Instructor

Some people have a passion for helping others to look better, while some have a passion for teaching; those that enjoy both can look into beauty school instructor training to start a career in the beauty industry.

Beauty School Instructor Training

Just like a university professor first needs to graduate college, so too does a beauty school instructor need to complete a course in cosmetology first.  Once a person has earned their high school diploma or GED, they can enroll in a health and beauty college in order to get the necessary training to one day lead their own classes.  This gives them experience in setting up a class, but also in talking with customers, handling beauty products, and understanding the industry.  Once you are finished with the college, become licensed or certified to practice cosmetology in your region of the country.


While you cannot immediately graduate a beauty school and then turn around and become an instructor, you may need as little as two years’ professional experience in order to be a viable candidate for job openings.  Spend time working in the field in order to round out your experiences and your specializations working as a cosmetologist.  Then, you can apply to see if you are competitive enough to fill a vacancy.

How to Make Yourself Competitive  

In an era when many people have an advanced education, it may be necessary for persons interested in becoming a beauty instructor to get a competitive advantage by going back to school for a brief period of time.  Some community colleges offer courses and certification as an instructor, while others will offer advanced degrees like education, or even a graduate degree in cosmetology, that can help you to get ahead.  Remember that you have to show proficiency in teaching as well as in the basics of cosmetology, so it may behoove you to get teaching experience on the side; volunteer at local schools and after-school programs when possible to beef up your resume.

Responsibilities of Beauty School Instructors

As a beauty school instructor, your responsibility is the specific field that you are an expert in.  This may be hair, nails, makeup, waxing, or another area of esthetics, but you will likely only teach one particular course unless the school is small enough to have only a few faculty on hand.  You will need to teach students concepts of hygiene, sanitation, safety, and the risks of certain diseases in hair and nails that can come as a result of improper care.

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