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August 23, 2013

What to Look For in Your Future Hair Stylist

Many beauty gurus recommend that we stick to a trusted hair stylist once we have found the right one. However, with so many different options, we tend to lose track and go stylist hopping, with some drastic battle scars to show for it, at times. Even so, the experience is worth it when you find one who does a better job than your previous favorite. Here are a few things you should look for when you want to change hair stylists.

Hair Stylists Must be Good Listeners

A good hair technician should be armed with a good ear. He or she needs to understand the look that you are going for before those shears start lopping off locks. It would be advisable to find a stylist who is an active listener, unless you don’t really care about what the final result will look like. He or she should listen to what the customer wants, no matter how ridiculous the request is and be able to deliver, albeit with a few suggestions.

Hair Stylists Must Present Options and an Excellent Technique

Hair stylists are trained in cutting edge hair technology and also know what looks flatter each face shape best. Thus, if you have a round face and are intent on having a buzz cut, he or she may suggest that you keep a bit for a Rihanna-esque side bang to keep your face from looking like a wheel of cheese. However, he or she has to be able to make suggestions in a respectful manner, as it is important to maintain positive rapport with a client.

The hair stylist must be able to do his or her best to make sure you are happy with your new look. Thus, he or she should do what it takes to create a look that flatters your face and accentuates your personality.

Hair Stylists Must Leave a Positive Mark

A hair stylist must leave a positive mark. The best way to tell if he or she has done so is to observe how his or her clients walk out of the salon. Do they look dejected or ashamed? Are they bursting with confidence and radiance? If a hair stylist can bring out your confidence, then he or she is definitely a keeper.

If you are on a budget and hoping to get a great haircut, your options may be slim. However, if you want guaranteed excellent results at a fraction of a price, visit a cosmetology school and get your hair makeover for less. The Avalon School of Cosmetology is run by seasoned experts who instruct their students in the art of hair styling. You can schedule an appointment today to get your mane cut by trained hair stylists for less than what you would have had to pay for at a local salon.

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