August 28, 2013

Latest Hair Color Trends For Women

There will always be a new way to color hair or a new tint to add to the color spectrum, but there are a few hair color trends for women that have popped up in the last few years.  If you are looking for a new do, here are a few tips on getting it done.

Highlighting Hair

Highlights have been around for as long as women have been dying their hair, but new colors allow you to create a palate with your hairstyle.  Streaks and gradations are more popular than ever, with natural-looking colors like dark brown and caramel contrasting electric shades of blue and platinum.  Highlighting can be done in tandem with your natural color, or it can be a means of coloring it a single new shade.

Runway Hair Color Trends

The fashion models you see walking down the runway are almost never wearing their natural color hair.  Instead, they have shades of vibrant red, mellow brunette, and imitation-natural blonde.  Go for a pure color or combine the color schemes.


A big pick of celebrities, ombre colorization blends together a darker brunette with caramel tips.  This is a great, attention-grabbing look that requires only a bare minimum of upkeep.  With darker roots that fade into the ends, you need only visit a salon once every month or two in order to keep the color blended well and level.

Fade Resistant

When you work in direct sunlight or shower frequently, it is necessary to have color that is as tough as you are.  In the event of covering grays, furthermore, fade resistant colors are also great at concealing your hair’s secret color.  Dark red and brown are most typical.

Dip Dyeing

Layers of hair color work well for some women.  Whether you want a simple two-tone contrast or a full rainbow down your shoulders, keep the ends a darker shade in order to create the idea of a dip.  Shades like burgundy, chocolate, auburn, ginger, cinnamon, and even pine green all work well on a dip.

Pastel Shades

The crayons that you used for coloring books back as a child can now be applied to your hair to get the same rich color.  This chalky color will make a woman stand out, since many are electric neon colors like vibrant green, blue, purple, and orange.  It will make you stand out in a crowd, which can be exactly what some women want out of their hairstyle if nothing else does the trick.

These are the latest hair color trends for women, if you would like to color your hair, we at Avalon beauty school salon can do it for you. We offer affordable salon services. You will be attended to by one of our students under the watchful eye of the instructors. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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