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August 18, 2013

How to Open and Run a Beauty Salon

Most beauty school students dream of owning beauty salons at some point in their careers. However, owning and running a beauty salon can be both rewarding and challenging depending on the approach one takes when getting their business off the ground. Even then, with proper preparation and the right tools, it is possible to establish and run a thriving salon business. Here are some steps that you can use to set up and run a successful beauty salon business.


Just like any other type of entrepreneurial venture, effective planning is vital to the success and sustainable profitability of a salon business. Some of the things issues and elements you need to plan for before starting the business include:

Location of Your Business

You need to device a clear plan indicating the pros and cons of various possibility business locations. Using such a plan, you can determine which location is most suitable.

Operating Space

If you do not have an existing property that you can convert into a salon space, you need to make plans to find and rent a suitable space. However, before you rent any business space, ensure that the amount of space matches your needs by considering the following factors:

The Beauty/Hair Care Services You Intend to Offer

Most of the services offered in a beauty salon require little physical space. However, if you intend to offer services such as waxing, body massages or if you want to cater to unisex clients, you need to plan for extra space since clients who seek these services require privacy.

The Number of Staff and Equipment Needed

Even if you cannot afford to hire staff during the start off phase of your business, you may need to hire some staff as your business and clientele grow. In view of this, ensure that you acquire a business space that can accommodate the number of employees you intend to hire. Similarly, ensure that the business premises you rent has sufficient space for your equipment. This will make sure that your salon is not overcrowded or cramped as this may limit your ability to do business with ease and put off some clients.

Create a Good Working Environment

Once you have a clear plan on aspects such as the number of staff to hire, the type of services you will offer in your salon and identify a suitable business space, the next step you need to take involves converting the premises you rent into an effective working environment. Make a list of the design and décor changes or improvements you need to make to the premises to ensure that your employees can work efficiently and your clients can feel comfortable. However, before you implement any décor or design plans, consider factors such as power points, water points and lighting. These factors will affect your furniture and equipment placement plans.

Purchase Equipment and Supplies

After you identify the type of services you will offer, it is easy to select the equipment you require to offer these services. While purchasing equipment, ensure you prioritize quality over cost. This is because; your beauty salon equipment is an investment that can pay for itself once your business starts growing and becomes profitable.  If you cannot afford to buy quality equipment, you can consider options such as leasing some equipment.

Besides purchasing equipment, you also need to order the essential supplies you require to get your business off the ground. The type supplies you need depend on the variety of services you intend to offer. Some of the basic supplies you may need to start and run a beauty salon business include; combs, hair dryers, disposable gloves, hair products (shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, gels, sprays), hair dryers, towels and tweezers.

Market Your Business

After you purchase all the necessary supplies and get all the legal documents required when starting a salon business, you can launch your business’s operations. While running your business, make sure you continually market and publicize your business in order to create awareness on your business’s services and products. This will attract customers and contribute to your long-term success.


All said, one of the vital aspects of running a successful salon business is customer satisfaction. In view of this, while setting up and running your business; make sure you create a business environment that ensures your customers enjoy their experience in your beauty salon. Additionally, if you need to hire staff, ensure you offer well trained personnel who can offer satisfactory service. At Avalon School of Cosmetology, we ensure that our graduates have excellent practical beauty care skills that they can use to offer quality services in a beauty salon business.

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