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August 6, 2013

Top 5 Braided Hair Styles For Teenagers

It can be difficult to get any teenagers to agree about what hairstyle they want to sport, but braided hair styles for teenagers can allow even the most finicky adolescent to appear nice for school or a big event.

Over The Shoulder

When you do not have enough time to braid more than a small set of hair, take the very ends of long-length hair and braid it over the side.  Weave a braid while rubbing with your fingers in order to make particular imperfections that appear natural.  Use a bobby pin to loosen up the small pieces in the braid.  Toss it over your shoulder and let it proclaim to the world that you only spent a few minutes in order to look great, whether you did or not.

Braids and Bangs

If you want to complement braids, pull bangs down (and when necessary, off to one side) and twist above the jawline.  Trim bangs neatly so that they do not reach past eyebrow level, then braid the bottom half of your hair length.  With braids and bangs the braids do not need to be especially tight and can just hang loosely once they are in place.  This is a great look for teens in a rush since it requires little time to put into place.

On-Top Braid

To make your hair and yourself stand out, put the braids all the way on the crown of your head.  A braided topknot is a bit tricky but looks great once it is done.  Pull hair into a simple ponytail and then start braiding at the end of the tail.  Finish about halfway up, tying the braids together with a ponytail holder.  Finally, pull the plain into a coil on top of your head, knot it off, and use pins if needed to keep it all in place.

Wavy Braids

Many women long for long, flowing waves at the same time that they want neat, organized braids.  You can get the best of both, however, if you have enough time to create a waterfall braid.  Side part your hair, using the front half to weave into a larger section.  Pull a bun in the back and begin braiding from the rear.  Tease hair to make it wavier.

Frame Braids

Usually braids are framed by bangs, by sometimes they can act as a frame themselves.  Twist the front and side strands around your finger, keeping the braid behind your ear with a hairpin.  A very steep side part makes this look appear very formal and very precise.

These are the most common braided hair styles for teenagers, if you would like to get one of these hairstyles, we at Avalon beauty school salon offer affordable salon services.

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