September 7, 2013

The Best Acrylic Nail Designs for Prom

acrylic nail designs for promLooking your absolute best for each high school senior’s or junior’s most anticipated event means wearing the right dress, getting your hair done and wearing the best acrylic nail designs for prom. Each young lady chooses her dress, shoes, jewelry and hair accessories.  Another accessory she may choose is acrylic nail design especially chosen for prom. Her options are extensive ranging from sparkles to two-dimensional relief pearls and flowers.  Her nails can match her dress or contrast with it. They can reflect her personality or represent her favorite activity.  With each young woman, she can use her nails to tell the world she loves fashion or loves her school; the possibilities are endless.

Using Color for Acrylic Nail Design

Animal patterns, like snake, leopard and tiger are often used with other panels of color.  Nails made to suggest lady bugs, Asian letters, commercial logos, laced sneakers or lace give the young lady a finished appearance that works for the image she wants to portray for her special evening. Patterns, such as stripes, geometric shapes, plaids and polka dots also grace many hands.  When color and pattern are not enough, dimension is added.

Two-dimensional Nail Designs for Prom

There are many elements made small enough to adhere to the nail to create unique designs, beads, faux pearls, bows, flower petals and rhinestones, to name a few.  An adept and skillful manicurist can apply any combination of items to the acrylic nail creating a beautiful image on the tiny canvas of the nail.  Full blooming bouquets studded with rhinestones and encrusted with pearls and bows can appear on the prom attendee.  They may prefer a less detailed design of pearls on a string of mini brass beads or a simple design of rhinestone forming bows attached to a few nails.  The dressy her she is the more elaborate and flashy the design.  The more relaxed she is, the more likely she’ll select a less eye-catching design.

Acrylic Nail Shapes

The nail is traditionally shaped to form a conical point that’s slightly rounded.  Today’s nails are often squared at the end and a few people attempt to set a new trend by uniquely shaping their nails.  The stiletto look is a very long and sharply pointed look.  The cat claw look is a much more natural length with a sharp finish much like claws. A young woman who uses shape, color and added detail to decorate her nails is truly making a statement.  A good example is the young woman who had one pointed nail finished with blue glitter and added a dolphin tail to the edge creating a look reminiscent of a mermaid.

The young woman attending prom today should feel especially favored.  She gets to choose from the most recent enhancing techniques and wear very creative nail looks.  The most exciting event for a teen has always been prom and today’s teen gets the benefit of the best acrylic nail designs for prom.

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