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September 21, 2013

The Basics of Hair Stylist Training Program

According to Euphoria Institutes of Cosmetology, a hair stylist training program is structured to allow the student to gain a versatile range of beauty skills. It is ideal for students dedicated to the dream of working in hair design. The professional, hands-on hair sculpture curriculum at this institute will give you the cutting edge for hair design.

The Dynamics of Hair Stylist Training Program

Hair design is composed of three components: art, design and attitude. The right attitude can make the most unique hair style fabulous and a hair stylist training program can teach you how to combine these components for the best result. You’ll learn all about proper hair care, the latest styling techniques and the business that drives it all. Using tools, equipment and products, the stylist will gain a complete working knowledge of cutting, coloring, retexturizing as well as customer service and successful merchandising.

And don’t forget about student salon clinics, where you’ll get a head start on developing your own following. Working with the public and getting your first taste of your new career, you’ll get invaluable confidence boosting experience you’ll take with you wherever you go.

What You Will Learn

The revolution of color and design schemes that can be applied to hair styles is now a very broad spectrum. This allows the stylist to be adventurous as well as a design agent and create usable hair “art”. First of all, hair texture must be learned. The stylist must learn different hair textures and what textures hold what colors and styles the best. Next, conditioning and maintaining the hair after the style has been given. Not only conditioning the hair, and making sure the coloring of the hair is correct, but also the chemical balances and chemical properties of the products used for a hair style will be discussed and expounded upon in a training program. The stylist must be knowledgeable about how to combine components of a hair product to obtain quality results.


Finally, hair stylists must use the utmost concern, compassion and care with the client who is chosen to model the hair style. The model can make or break the style chosen, and the hair stylist and the interpersonal relationship with the hair models can also be a good or bad interaction. The hair stylist must be classy, cordial and businesslike at all times, and make sure the hair styles are suited to the models they have picked. The right style can bring out the right attitude, and the right attitude can guarantee that more people will want that hair style!

We at Avalon school of cosmetology offer hair stylist training program at our three main campuses. Contact us today for more information about our programs.


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