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September 1, 2013

Braided Hairstyles For Formal Events

The braided hairstyle is a convenient and culturally acceptable hair style in most situations. The only two events that would find a braided hairstyle questionable is the job interview and a formal event. These are the two events where a certain look is perceived, and even though it is not verbally expressed, it is certainly desired. One should exercise caution and do research to see if the desired style would be appropriate in these two instances.

Side Swept Braided Hairstyle

The most popular braided hairstyle is one where the hair is braided and then a section of the braided hair is gathered together with an elegantly designed pin and a designed up sweep of the hair that is gathered together is clipped with that particular hair pin or clip. This style can be very elegant depending on the size of the braids, and the texture of the braids. The contemporary “Afrocentric” style favors the thick braids.

One Sided Braided Hairstyle

The next popular braided hairstyle for a formal event would be the style where the hair is immaculately braided, and then once the braiding has been completed, the hair is pulled to one side. This hairstyle creates an elegant and formal hairstyle that is very noticeable and attractive. This is another style that is based on the size of the braid which can determine which side of the head the hair should be pulled to in order to create the best formal look.

Braided up Sweeped Ponytail

The totally braided up sweeped ponytail is the most elegant and easily achieved hairstyle. This hairstyle is versatile enough to be worn to the most formal of affairs, yet this same style can be the most professional of styles, illustrating the professionalism and class of the person wearing this style. Another added plus to this particular hairstyle is that it is easily maintained and can last for at least two or three weeks before rebraiding is required. This style is a luxury because it eliminates the need for getting up in the morning, searching for the curling iron and then trying to curl your hair! Avoiding the morning time consuming task of curling hair as well as getting dressed, can save a great deal of time in the morning.

The only downside to having a braided up sweeped ponytail is that it limits the styles that can be obtained and used for that week. You are limited to the style that the braids are in until the next rebraiding session. The good news is that it allows the hair to rest, free from heat, sprays and gels that dry the hair out. This rest allows the hair to be properly moisturized and grow. The braided up sweeped hair is a definite plus to consider for any formal event…tiny strands of colored hair can be interwoven into the style to compliment the formal gown that will be worn with the hairstyle.

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