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September 23, 2013

How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions Course

Hair stylists interested in expanding on their expertise should consider taking hair extensions courses and getting certified.  With the many methods of applying hair extensions, it’s essential to become an expert at using at least one method if not a couple.  Different methods have application, maintenance and removal tools which may or may not appeal to you or the client.

List of Hair Extension Methods

• Cold Fusion

• Warm Fusion

• Tape 2 Tape

• Paneling

• Shrinkies

• Keratin Tube

• Micro Beads

• Micro Link-Cylinder

• Integration

• Custom Wig Design

Get Certified with Hair Extension Courses

Getting trained and if possible certified to insure you have a thorough grasp of all the challenges that might arise while attaching or removing hair extensions applied by using a particular method.  Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages.  It’s important for the stylist to thoroughly understand that method.  When the stylist speaks to a client about the method, their expertise needs to be obvious, so the client feels comfortable trusting the stylist to work with their hair.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Method

Stylist need to know which extensions can be reused. Most extensions have a single use application. If applied using Micro Link-Cylinders, Shrinkies or Cold Fusion the extension can be salvaged and reapplied.  Because clients seek the use of extensions to make their hair appear longer, fuller or to cover thinning hair, it’s important to understand which method will best suit your client’s needs.  You don’t want to apply extensions to hair that is going to suffer because of its application technique. For instance Keratin tends to stick to surrounding hairs and could cause breakage.  This is not a good thing for someone already suffering from hair loss. Also a client with hair loss may need extensions applied near exposed areas of the head, therefore requiring a less visible application process like that of seamless paneling.

Preferred Hair Extension Courses

It’s important to note that some techniques require the use of tools.  A very dexterous person will easily master the use of these tools. The Micro link-cylinder technique uses a hook, a fusion tool and a fusion tip.  Shrinkies and Cold Fusion use a loop. Paneling on the other hand just requires pressing the adhesive on the exposed hair.  Someone who is less dexterous may prefer to forgo the use of tools and select a method like paneling.

The options for applying hair extensions are expansive.  A client seeking a head of voluminous hair reminiscent of Hollywood glamour girls, may desire extensions to imitate that look.  He or she may simply want to cover hair loss.  As their hair stylist, they have sought out your expertise with applying hair extensions to solve their concerns.  Be sure you are indeed an expert by reinforcing your knowledge with hair extension courses.

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