September 4, 2013

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Cosmetology License in Arizona?

If you want to pursue your passion for beauty care by working in the cosmetology industry, you need to fulfill the cosmetology license requirements in your state first. This article sheds light on the cosmetology license requirements in the State of Arizona and highlights some of the costs cosmetology students and graduates have to incur in order to become certified cosmetologists.

Requirements for Cosmetology License in Arizona

In order to obtain cosmetology licensure in the state of Arizona, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

Cosmetology Training

First of all, you would need to enroll in a beauty school accredited by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Once you join such a school, make sure that you undergo full academic training and attain at least 1600 training hours in your course. Avalon Institute has the necessary accreditation from the Arizona cosmetology board and offers the type of hands-on beauty training you need to establish a successful career as a cosmetologist.

Pass the State Cosmetology Exam

After completing your coursework in beauty school, you need to take and pass a cosmetology certification exam set by the state cosmetology board in order to get your Arizona cosmetology license.  You need to pay a fee of $185 to apply for both parts of the cosmetology exam.

Submit a Reciprocity Application

The state cosmetology board allows aspiring cosmetologists who have the necessary training qualifications and practicing licenses granted in other state to get an Arizona cosmetology license under the principle of licensing reciprocity. To qualify for a license under this principle, you have to a formal reciprocity application with the state cosmetology board. You also need to need to pay an application processing fee of $110. Depending on the decision of the cosmetology board, you may exchange your out-of-state license for the Arizona license. If you do not make a reciprocity application, you need to take (and pass) the Arizona State cosmetology exam in order to get an Arizona practitioner license.

Complete the License Renewal Process

Once you get an Arizona cosmetology license by undergoing cosmetology training, passing the state cosmetology exam or exchanging your out-of-state license for an Arizona practicing license, you can begin your career as a cosmetologist and pursue all your career goals. However, to keep practicing in Arizona, you need to renew your license on an annual basis. You can complete the license renewal process online (60 days prior expiry date of your current license) or you can submit your license renewal request at the Arizona Cosmetology Board’s offices in person. The cost of renewing a beauty license in Arizona is $30.

If you fulfill the aforementioned statutory requirements, you will get your cosmetology license and consequently be able to work as a cosmetologist within the state. Once you get a cosmetology license in Arizona, you can also pursue your entrepreneurial dreams by starting a beauty business.

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