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September 24, 2013

Fashion Tips: Basic Hair Color Guide

In the fashion world, coloring one’s hair can be more complicated than is seems. For a person having his or her hair colored can be intimidating, especially if one doesn’t know the fashion terms of hair stylists. This article will give a basic hair color guide and terminologies used and understood by hair stylists everywhere.

The Semi-permanent Color

As the name suggest saying to salon to use a semi-permanent to color one’s hair means the use of coloring agent with less ammonia and peroxide. This will color the hair but will gradually fade through time. Using a semi-permanent color is often said to be the least damaging for the hair.

The Demi-permanent Color

This type of color is perfect for covering up gray patches of hair. The formulation for this type of hair coloring has peroxide but doesn’t have any ammonia. Also, this type of hair color is effective in darkening hair, rather than making it lighter.

The Permanent Color

This coloring is excellent for completely changing the color of gray patches of hair in the scalp. The formulation of this coloring has peroxide and ammonia, which makes the color last until the hair completely, grows out.

The Glossing or Glazing Color

Glossing or Glazing is applying a semi-permanent color to the hair in order to slightly darken it. This type of hair coloring does not replace the color of the hair but only uses a darker shade of the natural color of hair to increase its tonality. This type of hair color needs to be reapplied after a few weeks.

Adding Highlight

As what the term suggests, highlights are used to lighten hair to blend in hair color, especially with gray hair. This type of hair coloring is often reapplied after three months. Also highlighting hair is one of the most common type of hair coloring demanded by clients today.

Using Lowlights

This is the opposite of adding highlights. Lowlights darken over-lighten patches of hair to achieve uniformity. This is a good way to blend different hues from different colors of hair. Through this type of hair coloring, one can easily blend dark colored hair with lightly colored hair to really have.

Using Baliage

The baliage is a type of hair coloring on which each strand of hair in a specific area of the scalp are hand-painted. Though this type of hair styling is not as popular, it can really give the hair a natural look which can really be pleasing to the eye.

Using these popular terminologies listed in this small, hair color guide can help anyone better connect with the fashion world, especially in hair styling. One must remember that hair color can add beauty to one’s personality but if not expertly done, it can be a real fashion nightmare. We at Avalon School of Cosmetology offer affordable salon services, if you would like to get your hair colored by an expert, visit us in one of our campuses.

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