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September 25, 2013

Golden Rules for a Successful Career in Cosmetology

Cosmetology offers wide career options with aspirants choosing to specialize in one more aspects of enhancing personal appearance, spanning skin care, hair care as well as caring for nails. Cosmetology careers often demand flexibility and patience, as they are client-oriented and the appointments are based on the convenience of the clients. Cosmetologists employed in spas, resorts, beauty salons usually work part-time, while the self-employed mostly work long hours to cater to the requests of their clients.

Tips for a Successful & Rewarding Cosmetology Career

Being on time for an appointment is an absolute must. In fact, getting there early will allow time to sort out all necessary cosmetics and implements, keep the work station clean and prepared.  Time is precious!

Personal problems are best left outside the work station. Clients walking in for a beauty treatment are there for some quality treatment and relaxation. Making sure that the place is calm, refreshing, and the service discreet and courteous, will help set the right ambience.

Professional grooming is an essential part of personal improvement. Being dressed suitably, conversing in an appropriate tone and polite language, attentive listening are all characteristics of a professional cosmetologist.

It is important to keep pace with the ever-evolving beauty industry, to stay ahead of competition. Getting to know the latest developments in one’s line of work and honing personal skills accordingly is a must to be successful.

Dedication is another aspect that needs attention. This is especially applicable for those who work part-time. It is never wise to leave a work place when on a timed shift, simply because there aren’t any appointments scheduled. Using the spare time to catch up on some learning, assisting others on the job, or even being a silent spectator will help pick up several practical tips.

Promoting a Cosmetology Career

Even the best of products and services need promotion. Success in a cosmetology career depends on marketing the services, studying competition, pricing services competitively as well as improving the quality and range of services.

Networking with peers, establishing business relations with other salons and spas form an essential part of promoting a cosmetology business or service. Business cards come in quite handy when marketing cosmetology services.

Social interactions start directly at the work place. Managing clients at beauty salons is pure teamwork. It is important to avoid any conflicts or friction at the work place. Sorting out issues amicably helps maintain calm and the team stays lively and motivated.

Take care to ensure that all cosmetology services are client-centric. The more respected, comfortable and satisfied the client feels, the more regular the visits. Cosmetology career options are set to be more rewarding, as personal appearance sector is expected to grow nearly 20 % by 2018.

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