September 18, 2013

Hair Color Specialist Training

When you receive hair color specialist training, you become an expert in the field. That means that you can be able to choose a color that best suits your clients based on their skin color.

What to Expect After the Hair Color Professional Training

Color specialists are trained to select colors on the basis of a client’s complexion. You become a hair color specialist by first completing elementary cosmetology training or an apprenticeship and by passing the relevant examinations.

You can then take up progressive training in the formation and application of hair colors. You can expect to receive cosmetology training where you will be taught about hair color chemistry and approaches. You should also expect to get hands on training to help you both in client consultation and in the generation and application of colors.

After you have received your training and you have become a licensed cosmetologist, you can choose to become a color specialist.  You will expect to learn everything about hair color in school but will actually acquire most of your skills in a practical and real scenario at work. You will probably make some mistakes but will develop the skills of a colorist and will be assisted by other seasoned colorists.

Advanced Hair Color Specialist Training

Once you have specialized in hair color, you can choose to advance your color specialist career by getting more training. You can then learn more about new hair color products. Gaining more knowledge in color chemistry will provide you with the ability to accurately anticipate how a specific hair color formula will turn out with the natural color and conditions of a customer.

You will be aware of the variety of hair colors in the market which include permanent, semi-permanent and temporary colors. You will also know how to administer special application methods for example highlighting with foil, or the application of more than one color to achieve particular effects. You will learn how to apply highlights, lowlights and the correction of colors.

Hair color specialists are in great *demand because of the high turnout of clients who need various applications. Some will make appointments to get their hair retouched due to hair growth. Most clients will need to visit hair color specialists at least once a month. We at Avalon Institute offer a variety of beauty courses including hair color specialist training. Contact us today for more information.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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