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September 20, 2013

Top 5 Career Opportunities for Cosmetologists

If you have been looking for a career that gives you full independence, makes use of your creativity, socialization skills, cosmetology is the right match for you. If you are considering to pursue a career in cosmetology, you future is bright. According to the recent statistics conducted by the Bureau of labor statistics, the beauty industry is growing very fast with a projected increase in demand of 20% for these services provided by qualified cosmetologists.

Career Opportunities for Cosmetologist

A cosmetology course can lead you into various career paths. Primarily, cosmetology is the art and practice of beauty. Cosmetologists or cosmeticians are trained to deal with the skin, nails, hair and artistry to help people achieve the beauty they are looking for. While a cosmetologist can train in all the specializations, most cosmeticians tend to specialize in one or two areas such as hair, nails or skin. Regardless of the cosmetology specialty you decide to focus on, a cosmetology license can land you in any of the following lucrative and rewarding career opportunities for cosmetologists.

Makeup Artist

Skin makeup artists are the some of the most sought-after cosmetologists. This subfield of cosmetology deals with the skin. Makeup artists can choose to work is spas, salons, or stores dealing with makeovers. You can also enter into costuming makeup, especially if you have an interest in film and theater.


This is a cosmetician who has a license in skin care and who has undergone training to become an esthetician. He or she is a non-medical skin care professional who ensures that a client’s skin is naturally healthy and beautiful. You can also choose to take additional courses in laser hair removal, facials, massage, electrolysis and treatments.

Hair Stylist

Becoming a hair stylist is perhaps one of the main areas that most cosmetologists would wish to enter. A hair stylist does more than just the usual hair shampooing and cutting the hair. Hair stylists are trained to offer various services, including curling, coloring, shaping, relaxing, repairing and hair styling for both female and male clients.

Nail Technician  

If your desire is working to help people achieve the best nails ever, then you will need to train as a nail artist or a manicurist.  Nail artistry is the most versatile career in the field of cosmetology. However, the services of manicurists are still in high demand given the growing need for nail beautification. As a manicurist, you can help to shape, clean, and finish real natural nails. Aside from this, nail artists can also offer cleaning, shaping and finishing services to people who have fake or artificial nails.


A barber is a cosmetologist who focuses on men only. These cosmetologists receive extensive training in cutting men’s hair. You can also know how to trim, shape and remove facial hair. They also understand how to care for skins of men customers.

With either of the above career opportunities for cosmetologist, you are sure to get a rewarding job that can make your life comfortable and full of independence.

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