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January 13, 2014

Hair Trends for 2014

Styles are constantly shifting and changing, this is no different for 2014. Take a look at some of the upcoming trends for this year, and how they are different from the last. Use these principles in your own hair, creating your own unique style while sticking with the trends of the year.




Don’t use this upcoming look as an excuse to let your hair get greasy. The look takes the glossy appearance and applies it to the sides of the hair to slick the roots into place. The shine only applies near the front of the hair close to the scalp, leaving the back full. Use this look whether you are putting your hair into a ponytail, or leaving loose curls in the back.


The low ponytail

 low ponytial

Since its beginnings the ponytail has traveled back and forth from the high to the low style. This year the super low ponytail is back in as celebrities have already began showing off their support. This look should have the hair bone straight and lined directly down the back with the holder situated at the nape of the neck.




This hairstyle can be worn in addition to the slicked back look, or as something entirely different. These light waves have been gaining popularity over the years, and now are more in than ever. Choose to place a few random curls in with the rest of your hair or lightly curl parts while leaving others free. This will give you the soft look you’ve always wanted with an easy and convenient method of completing the job.


The part

 part hair

Where you part your hair can say a lot about your style. This year choose to use a deep part on one side or the other, pulling most of the hair to one side. This is different from previous styles in recent years where the bulk of the style has rested in a straight down the middle part. Most people choose their part line by following the line where their eyebrow ends and tracing it up.


This year take part in some of the best styles the seasons have to offer. At Avalon, we can help direct you on the upcoming styles, and give you the look that will match the best. Be sure to evaluate which of these work the best for your hair and try them all to gain the best look for you.

By +Cassie Costner


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