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January 27, 2014

The Perfect Hair Color for Winter

Winter is here to stay for a couple more months. With these colder temperatures, you may want to consider changing up the style of your hair. These styles may be more fitting to you depending on the shape of your face, your skin tone, and a few other factors. Consider closing out this winter with a new hair color that will fit you best.



red hair 

This deep read is a popular choice for winter style. Some even choose to add a little bit of a copper undertone to really give this look an added zing. When exposed to the winter light, this hairstyle will show its true potential.


This hair color will suit those will a medium tone of skin best. Because this can be such a drastic color change, try to choose the shade of red that will match your natural hair color the best. This will make it easier when regrowth occurs to avoid your roots showing through too prominently.


Just the tips


This winter consider trying something new by adding color to just the tips of your hair. Still choose a color that will go well with the main color of your hair. It is popular for those with brown hair to lighten the tips then add a deep red color, similar to the burgundy. This will add a fun element to your hair, and create a unique style for you.


This style often works best on those with medium or darker skin tones. This can be the best way for those who have never colored their hair to try something new without worrying about regrowth over time.


The contrast

 blonde hair

For those who are looking to make a bolder statement, consider choosing a style this winter that takes two colors and pairs them against each other in a more drastic way. Choose a pale blond on the top with a darker red brown on the bottom layer. With this style you can layer the hair, or pull it up to show off the darker portion.


This style will work best for those who have fair or medium skin tones. Because of issues of regrowth, those who already have a lighter color hair will be able to pull this style off best. Make sure to keep up on the color.


There are a few different hairstyles that work best in winter. Come in to Avalon to see which will fit your skin tone and preference. We can help give you the winter hairstyle you’ve always wanted for these last few months of winter.


By +Cassie Costner


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