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January 15, 2014

Salon Etiquette

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For those have ever frequented a salon, you know the importance of salon etiquette, yet some of the most important principles can sometimes be forgotten in the shuffle of things. Make yourself familiar with the most important aspects of salon etiquette and keep a positive relationship between you and your hairstylists.


Running late


Everybody understands the problems that come with running late to any event. Sometimes the hair appointment is no different. If you are visiting a new salon for the first time, make a point to be on time, especially if this is your first time meeting a new stylist. After this, most people will understand if you are running a little bit behind. Try your best to make it there within at least 15 minutes, this is range that stylists will usually account for when scheduling out appointments.


With this in mind, be sure to cut your stylists some slack if they are running behind, whether they have another client in the seat or you get to the salon before them. There are magazines placed in a waiting room just for these instances. Take time to relax and prepare for your appointment.




Make sure that you give a proper tip, especially if you feel that the stylist has done an excellent job. It can be confusing to know an exact amount of tipping, although there are a few basic rules that should be followed. Don’t be remembered as the one who gave a poor tip, but instead reward your stylist for the excellent work they have done.


In general, tip your stylist about 15 to 20 percent of what the final bill will be. This final price will vary depending on what you have done, and how long it took to complete. If there is a shampoo person there who also worked on your hair, consider giving them anywhere between one and five dollars. This gesture can go a long way.


If you had to reschedule, or were running very late and your stylists still took you in, consider leaving a larger tip. If the services you received weren’t up to professional standards, consider what you will give them. Be fair and objective when giving a tip.


There are many different elements behind tipping, hair salons, and the way things are done. Make sure to Follow the rules of proper etiquette to have the best relationship with your hairstylist and get the best results.


By +Cassie Costner



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