February 10, 2014

How to Do Your Hair for Your Valentine’s Date

kristen dunst

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Whether you are going out with that special someone, or protesting Valentine’s Day along with a few single friends, make sure that you have the perfect hairstyle for the day. There are various styles that can be chosen for this holiday, make sure that you choose the best one for you.

Take a look at some celebrities to get a better idea of the look you want. We may look at these styles and want to use them, but be at a loss of how to make it happen. Follow these steps to get the look of these celebrities for your Valentine’s Day style and enjoy the night.

Selena Gomez

We witnessed one of the most incredible hair transformations when Selena Gomez went from her natural darker hair color with long tresses to a “Nirvana blonde” shoulder length bob. If we’ve learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that bobs with some waves is a huge hit. Use a styling foam to give your curls hold before taking a curling iron or wand to them. Once you’ve got some curls, run your fingers through your hair to loosen them up into light, gorgeous twists.

Jennifer Lawrence

If you’re sporting a short pixie cut, you’ve got lots of great styling options for your date! A great way to feminize a pixie cut is to soften the “pieciness” of the hair. If you use products like gels or frizz fighters, your hair will separate into pieces. Using something different like a lightweight pomade or wax you can keep your hair’s natural texture while adding depth and direction. Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent example of how to add that level of look and control!

January Jones

This February, take a leaf out of January Jones’ book with a look that can work for any special occasion. This signature style has become iconic to her, and has led many to try and replicate in the best way they know how. To accomplish this, blow dry your hair with a round brush while pulling it away from the scalp. This will add body to the look. Use a curling iron on big sections to give it just a little curl. This style is versatile, and can be used for the classy or the casual Valentine’s Day date.

Kirsten Dunst

kristen dunst

Kirsten Dunst has cut her longer locks to make way for a shorter sexier style. If you have shorter hair, consider following her look to get the most for your Valentine’s date. This will add the appearance of layers to your hair, aiding to the volume you have. Start off by using a vent brush while blow drying, starting at the root and pulling up. Once your hair is mostly dry switch to a round brush to flip out the ends. Use a little gel to help this look hold throughout the night.

Sofia Vergara

sofia vergara

Since gaining popularity, Sofia Vergara has become known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Try creating her signature locks in your own hair this Valentine’s Day. Start off by blow-drying your hair straight, taking care to add volume with a round brush. Instead of using a traditional curling iron, consider using a curling wand to control the curl. Make these curls as tight or as loose as you desire to enhance the look.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Start planning your style for this event. No matter if you are planning a romantic night, or a night of fun with friends, your hairstyle will say a lot. Want to see some more awesome celebrity hairstyles? Check out our other blog post on celebrities with rainbow hair!

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