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February 19, 2014

Iconic Hairstyles from the Movies

Throughout the years there have been some movies that have brought certain styles to an iconic level. Even those movies that first premiered decades ago are still popular, and can be seen in the current trends. Take a look at some of these that are most popular, where their roots began, and where they are headed in terms of fashion.



 audrey hepburn

In 1963 Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyle in the movie Charade became one of the most well-known, and for a while, mimicked hairstyles of all. This romantic comedy and mystery follows Hepburn’s character Reggie and her meeting of Peter Joshua. Throughout the movie, she styles her hair by pinning it up in a neat way with a full fringe for her bangs. This hairstyle pulled up gives her hair a lot of body in the back, creating an iconic look that can still be found today.


The Blue Dahlia

 veronica lake

This film dates back to 1946, but Veronica Lake’s hairstyle remains one that is used today. Her character Joyce finds herself in a difficult situation as she meets Johnny, who is in a tumultuous situation with his wife. The story takes many twists, but Veronica Lake’s hair remains constant through the film. Her look is synonymous with glamour in the 40s with loose curls that inspired other famous looks such as that of Jessica Rabbit.


The Breakfast Club

 molly ringwald

As one of the main characters in the group, Molly Ringwald’s Claire created one of the most iconic bob hairstyles of all. With a bouffant red bob, it was used in many eighties shows since, and has been a popular choice even today. Although she wasn’t the first to wear it, she was one of the most popular.


Les Miserables

 les miserables

There have been many remakes of Les Miserables in both musicals and films. Most recently starred Anne Hathaway as Fantine. For this film, Hathaway committed herself, chopping off her long locks into a short close to the scalp look. It was noted that she cried when she cut her hair for this role, possibly aiding her efforts to get into character. This short style inspired many other short looks, focusing the style more on the beauty of the face.


There have been many hairstyles from the movies that have become iconic, some for decades while others have only been around for a short amount of time. These styles vary greatly, and will influence other upcoming trends. Take note of the movies that are coming up, and how these will change the styles we see today.

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